Algoma Craft Bluenanna

Algoma Craft Bluenanna

Hey pancakenap here, we're looking at In House Genetic's Bluenana, produced by Algoma Craft and sold by Mendo Market.

Algoma Craft Cannabis – Craft Cannabis Company

This is the pricier option from Algoma Craft on the Mendo website, but it comes at a lower cost per package size. I purchased a half ounce for $80, which I consider to be on the more affordable side, especially considering the genetics. I'm quite fond of banana strains, so I'm approaching this with an open mind and a readiness to enjoy it.


Opening this package was a bit of a roller coaster. At first glance, as the buds tumbled out, they appeared promising due to their size. However, upon closer inspection, the buds looked rather rough. There was a mix of open structure trim, some areas too close, while others lacked any trimming at all.


The aroma is a bit subdued, but not significantly so. I would describe it as creamy tropical fruit with subtle cheesy undertones. The overall character is agreeable and non-threatening.


The taste profile features dry fruit undertones reminiscent of a sweet island skunk. As you progress through the middle, the fruity skunk notes persist, accompanied by hints of green herbs, culminating in a thick, sweet vanilla finish that resembles dessert.


I might consider trying another product from Algoma Craft, but this one didn't impress me much. I could attribute some of the shortcomings to the cultivar, but the visual appearance of this offering also had some rough edges. While the quality seems decent for the price, I wouldn't say it's particularly advantageous for the consumer. It was an interesting experience, but I'll be looking for something different next time.

Package Length

This was packaged November 23, 2023 and I bought it February 5, 2024. That means it spent 74 days in the package which is 23% higher than the medical average with tracking currently. I reviewed it February 13, 2024, which is eight days after I purchased it.


Package size is a half ounce and the price paid was $80.95 with a 10% discount that Mendo was offering at the time. That brings the unit price to $5.78 per gram which is 15% higher than the average we typically pay for a half ounce package which rest $5.02 per gram. 

Cannabinoid Content

Cannabinoid content is shown at 28.9% THC and 0% CBD. We don’t usually tell you if we believe that or not. we just tell you that it’s 36.3% higher than the average we’ve tracked over the course of these reviews which currently rest at 21.2%, THC and CBD.


Thanks for checking out the review today, see you on the next one.