Papers Craft Co. Laker Kush

Papers Craft Co. Laker Kush

Thanks for joining for the review today, we're looking at Papers Craft Co's Laker Kush.

That's why I placed the order. I've been eyeing this Laker Kush for a while now. I absolutely loved Papers Craft and their Truffle Fuel through Carmel, so when this strain came out, I was almost ready to buy it right away. They offer a 14-gram package for $140 and a 3.5-gram package for $38, so I figured it was best to start with the smaller package to test it out, especially since there isn't much of a bulk discount offered.


What came out of the package was really impressive. The buds looked great, with a lot of trichomes sparkling on the surface. However, there were some flyspecks on the flower, which I found disappointing considering this is the highest priced offering. When I was about to buy this, I also looked up other top offerings from Mendo and found a review on Reddit about Papers Craft Animal Face, where the reviewer wasn't happy. This influenced my decision. This particular product had been sitting in the store for three or four weeks before I finally decided to buy it. I'm really interested to see how it compares to the 3.5-gram package that Carmel was able to offer.


The buds are rock hard, and I've managed to pull off a segment from one of the larger buds. The grinds are fairly fluffy, although they don't roll over themselves much. Overall, it's pretty good.


There's not a lot of scent released when you grind it, but enough to get the character of the profile. I also sense a little bit of peppery gas tickling my nose, but it's not necessarily overwhelming my olfactory senses.

I'd characterize the profile as light and floral, with a sweet lavender tone throughout, leading to an earthy, gassy undertone. I have to get close to smell it, but when I do, it leaves me feeling some heat in the sinuses, so this doesn't seem like it has a lot of presence. However, there are some aspects of the profile that lead me to believe otherwise.


The flavor profile revolves around a rubbery lavender note, which is quite interesting due to its aggressive pungency against the softer aspects of the profile. The finish is dirty earth with alkaline skunk, creating a bitter smear. Secondary notes of minty herbs and sweet, creamy earth round out the profile. The rubbery aspects dissipate first with use, and this dries down into a sweet, familiar Kush with a heavy lavender influence.


This turned out to be an entirely respectable OG Kush that offered a few tastes that varied from the traditional profile. The quality of the flower is high, and it's something you could definitely pay $10 a gram for. The flower was a bit fresher, and content-wise it's fine; somebody choosing based on THC only would be happy with it.

Where it lacks is in comparison to the other competition offered at this store. For the extra price, I'm not sure this is the best offering to select. You can get a very similar flavor profile and flower quality from other products at lower prices. Which I kind of feel bad saying because this is an original creation by Papers Craft, and it is probably something worthy of paying extra for, but I just don't think it gave you much more than you can get from the products that compete alongside this one. With that being said, I've seen great creations from Papers Craft, and this is one of them.


Price was $34.19 with the 10% discount code I used as part of the sale Mendo was having at the time. That put the price per gram of this product ($9.77/g) about 5% higher than the rate I usually pay ($9.32/g).

Brand History

I've grouped this product under Endo, which I probably should be doing for all products sold and processed by Mendo. Anyways, typically an Endo product will average to just under eight dollars per gram in the 3.5 g package size. That's about 18% lower than the average I've spent on a 3.5 g package, which is $9.32 per gram.


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