Endo First Class Funk

Endo First Class Funk

Hey thanks for joining me for the review today. I'm looking at some First Class Funk smalls I bought from Mendo Cannabis.


Received a mix of small popcorn-sized buds with one or two medium-sized buds mixed in. The trim was pretty good throughout, but the standout feature was the stems. Some of the buds were semi-purple, with many dipping into a deep, low purple hue, but much of it remained green. It's kind of yellow, indicating its age.


The feel was good, and it came with a Boveda pack.


The scent was pretty true to the first-class funk profile. I found this one leaned towards the sweeter side, with hints of wine gum aroma at times. I'd say the projection was mid-range.


Flavors were pretty good, although with some buds, I thought I was getting stale tastes initially, which is something I encounter often when I leave my homegrown cannabis in the jar for too long, so I'm quite familiar with the taste. Either way, I enjoyed the whole thing, and most of the flavour quality was quite good, although I would say it's reduced compared to what you would see from Ghost Drops.


I didn’t mind this ounce offering, but I probably won’t come back to it at this price. I don’t think it beats the value proposition brought by Pure Sun Farms Fraser Valley. While it offered comparable flavor quality, the visuals and the price didn't measure up to some of the cheaper alternatives out there.

Date Packaged

I bought this cannabis on January 29, 2024, and it was packaged on November 14, 2023. That's 76 days in the package, which is 26.2% more than the medical average we're currently tracking, which is 60.21 days. I finished the review on February 2, which was four days after purchase.


The price for this 1-ounce package was $119.99, which translates to $4.29 per gram. That's 25% higher than the average for an ounce package we're used to paying, which is $3.42 per gram.

Cannabinoid Content

The cannabinoid content was 25.1% THC, which is 18.5% higher than the average we're tracking across our purchases, which is 21.2% THC.

Endo Branded Purchases

This is the sixth product I've reviewed from Endo. My total expenditure on their brand is $307.36. So far, I've only reviewed one ounce package, and this is it, so the price statistics provided above stand. It's about a quarter more expensive for an ounce than usual, based on my purchase data set.

Mendo Purchases

I've purchased 17 products at Mendo Cannabis, totaling $779.19. Of those purchases, only one was for an ounce package, so the statistics provided above stand.

A flower product I purchased from Mendo Cannabis has spent 91.3 days in the package before purchase, which is 51.7% higher than the average for any medical vendor I've purchased from before.


Thanks for coming back here and reading the reviews. See you on the next one.