BC Organic Lime Mi-jito From Simply Bare Organic

BC Organic Lime Mi-jito From Simply Bare Organic

Squid Pants here checking out a variety that Simply Bare is calling (BC Organic) Lime Mi’Jito.


Lime Mi’Jito is Mojito bred by Swamp Boy Seeds  Swamp Boy Seeds also bred the popular Cuban Linx variety, so you may already be familiar with their work.  Lineage here is Limegerian x Orange Blossom Trail.  Limegerian is said to be a Nigerian landrace with a strong lime taste and Orange Blossom Trail is another Swamp Boys offering described as a Skunk #1 derived line they call Old Florida Orange Skunk.


Simply Bare is one of Rubicon Holding’s brands.  In general I’ve been pleased with what I’ve gotten from all their brands.  This is a premium brand who always add “BC Organic” as a prefix to all the variety names.  I consider it marketing fluff as I’m not an organic believer and yes, BC has some great growers but so do every other province and territory.  That said for some these designators are important so if you love BC grows and are into organic practices, rest assured this checks those boxes.


On a personal level I find the branding of Simply Bare to be ugly.  I think the font choices and layout of their name on the label is outright ugly and I hate the colour they chose for their container.  That’s just aesthetics and is irrelevant to the content, but I have so few complaints on this one that I had to find a way to throw some shade, else I would not be living my true self.

As for what matters, this is a nice and strong glass jar (as in I dropped one of their jars once and it didn’t even chip) with a plastic lid.  Scent is well contained and moisture is well sealed in.  Jar size is appropriate for the amount of flower inside.  There is no humidicant pack, but humidity is ideal and hasn’t changed since I first opened this package so no need for one.

This was packaged July 11th, 2023 and I opened it 190 days later on January 17th, 2024.  Date of harvest is not indicated.

There’s a bunch of numbers on the label that are untrustworthy as I harp on and on about, so, look at the photos if you are interested in those but I have my doubts that they are at all trustworthy on any legal recreational cannabis label at all.  Dominant terpenes that were tested for, in order listed, were terpinolene, farnesene, trans-caryophyllene and beta-myrcene.


Viewed in bright light sparkles nicely, but under normal light conditions doesn’t at first seem too frosty.  Trichome coverage is good though.  Buds are pointy and in shape and colouring are reminiscent of a Spruce tree.  Stigmas are dark orange and non obtrusive, I certainly wouldn’t call it hairy.

Trim looks to have been done with electric trimmers, some sides are outright flat and clearly overtrimmed, but this doesn’t actually affect quality.


Dense with nice humidity, even throughout and with good return upon compression.  Of note, squeezing revealed that these buds are not sticky.  In a grinder gives some resistance, but not what I’d call chewy.  Grounds are fluffy with good cohesion, really no complaints here.  Even the lack of stickiness isn’t a reliable measure of quality, more just user preference.

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Upon package opening we have terpinolene (a very pine-adjacent scent that is also similar to turpentine) by far the most dominant but strongly supported by sour lime rind. Ground, a burst of short lived skunk emerges and the profile moves a little fruitier and sweeter with bolder floral notes.


Lime rind is the focus, but sweet lime juice is also present (of note is that terpinolene’s smell is closer to pine but taste is sweeter according to the literature, and my experience does match the research).  Floral notes are supporting and round out what is a tasty treat.  Taste is honestly very close to what I imagined it might be before opening it.

I consumed this in a vaporizer (Volcano) and here we have my only true complaint; taste was incredible on the first round but was close to absent on round two already.  This is a light burning twice as bright for half as long.  Also those who know me know I think the contribution to effects from terpenes is massively overrated and that a better avenue of research is the minor cannabinoids.  This weed further cemented my view as terpinolene is supposed to be sedative which for me this cannabis was not at all, and even when the taste was at zero, the effects were identical to me.  However of course I am often wrong, not a chemist nor a biologist and everyone is different so you go with what you like.

Price and Value

I got this from Tokyo Smoke at Bloor St and Bathurst St here in Toronto where I paid $44.20 for 3.5 grams before tax.  That works out to $12.63 a gram, which is in the expensive range.

As for value, the only other terpinolene dominant offering that jumps to mind is Pomelo Skunk from Victoria Cannabis Company, so if you are a fan of that scent/taste, which I admit has grown on me, then you have two really great examples of it available.  With respect to this product in isolation, you are getting a great product that seems worth the premium to me.


Again I can’t help but note that this is very much in the same taste and scent domain as Pomelo Skunk, and if you try one and like it, I encourage you to try the other as well.  Back to focusing only on this review, despite the short duration of flavour, I really do like this and am glad I got talked into this purchase by the budtender.