Moon Glow Seedlings

Moon Glow Seedlings

All Moon Glow seeds have germinated within a four-day period, and were placed in a jiffy puck within five days.

Day Two

I received 13 regular seeds. The listing at Archive’s website was for 12 seeds. All 13 seeds germinated using a paper towel and tap water.

A few seeds needed extra treatment in order to pop open. One seed appeared to pop after using hydrogen peroxide and two appeared to pop after of the seeds.

Day Three

Most of the seeds germinated by the second day day. A few more germinated on the third day. On the third day I soaked the remaining seeds in hydrogen peroxide for up to one minute before placing them in a new paper towel with water at 6.5 pH.

Day Five

On the fourth day, there was one seed that had formed a small taproot, and two seeds that it’s still not yet cracked. I used tweezers with light pressure to crack the two seats. The next day all three seeds had formed a taproot.

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