Tribal Cuban Linx

I go out on a limb and say this incredibly successful offering, that I'm reviewing years after release, is great!

Tribal Cuban Linx

Hey, everybody we are reviewing Tribal Cuban Linx today. If you have a Reddit account and subscribe to any of the Canadian cannabis subs you've definitely heard of this offering. I am fairly late to reviewing it, so there is not much new for me to add here that hasn’t already been determined by the community.

This is a great offering of high-quality and below average price that most will enjoy. You may not know that this variety was bred by Swamp Boys and is a cross of their Nigerian hybrid with GMO/TK (Triangle Kush) Skunk. What I found interesting was the flavour profile presents similar to what you might see from a ‘90s hybrid from a European Breeder. Which I’m not saying to knock it any, I’m more surprised by its flavour profile, given the lineage which includes parents like GMO.

Anyways, in this review, we will look at the quality of observations I made. We'll check out the price statistics versus the averages from our personal database. Then lastly, we'll pull in some market data to see how this looks in the larger picture of Canadian cannabis.


Colouring is typical green with orange stigma. Trichomes are evident. Trim is rougher throughout, giving the buds an unkempt look which makes this hybrid look more Sativa-like.


Feel out the can is good. Dries fairly quickly if you leave it in the original container.


Scents sing aloud with vibrant citrus, accompanied by a tropical-floral melon mix with finish with brief myrcene.


Tastes are sweetly spiced honey and herb, with twangy tropical fruit playing secondary. The spice and pine come out with use in the vaporizer, bringing some nice dynamism to the flavour. Character has an upward feel but remains familiar and friendly.


This offering has a lot going for it. At the core is quality, price and value. Quality is high, price is low and therefore, value is good, especially under the $25 mark.

Genetics is the other interesting aspect to this offering. The breeder of this offering has other notable cultivars in the Canadian market and worldwide. As I review this offering months after it has achieved popularity, I've noticed the breeder and genetic lineage are often omitted from positive reviews of this offering. Often during the course of these reviews I will suggest the breeder as necessary information and, an avenue towards other likeable offerings in the market but admittedly, I have had trouble with it as of late and I seldom notice others navigating the market similarly.

Finally, the market numbers suggest this is a sucessful eighth. This product has been on the market for well over a year and it's still a fan favourite, across multiple formats (pre-rolls, vape carts, whole flower, live resin etc.). There's a steady stream of good reviews across social media. Not just about this project but all the Tribal offerings, to be fair.

I look forward to seeing what they come out with next. Let's check out the price statistics for this product in relation to all purchases we've made for this website.

Price Analysis

This 3.5 g package was purchased for $23.97, that’s $6.85 per gram. At the time of purchase, our average price paid for a 3.5 g package is $9.34. This package of Cuban Linx is priced 27% lower than the average we are used to paying.

Content Analysis

Content of this offering is shown at 26.5% THC +0.0% CBD. The average of our purchases is 20.6% THC + CBD. This package of Tribal Cuban Linx is 28.8% higher than the average cannabinoid content track

Content was shown at 4.2% of any terpene. At the time of purchase our average tine content is logged at 2.93% of any combination of terpenes. The terpenes content shown on this package is 43% higher than average.

Package Length

I purchased this offering August 2, 2023. The packaging date was shown as June 16, 2023 or 47 days previous to the date I purchased it. At the time of purchase our average days in package for any old flower cannabis product is 99.16 days, this package of Tribal Cuban Linx was packaged 52.6% shorter than average.

Tribal Purchase History


This is the second Tribal product I’ve reviewed. In total we’ve spent $53.92 on their products (thanks to @whatsmypot). Of those two reviews both were for a 3.5g package of flower and the price average to $7.70 per gram, or 17.6% lower than the average tracking currently for a 3.5g package ($9.34 per gram).

Value Buds Purchase History


Like I said in the East Coast Brunch review, this was my 34th purchase at Value Buds totalling to $1107.91. Of those purchases 23 were for 3.5 g package of cannabis which averages to $7.16 per gram or 23.4% lower than the average for a 3.5 g package across all purchases we’ve made.

Whole Flower Packaging Length

On average, a flower product we purchased from Value Buds has spent 108.9 days in the package before we purchased it. Which is 9.9% higher than the average purchased from any vendor (99 days).

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were was on August 29 2023. Contact us for more information about our market intel.

Days Active

The first date we can find the product listed and the number of days since then.

This one has been active for almost 2 years at the time of writing.

Provinces Listed

The count of provinces we can find this product listed in.

This one has been out in Quebec (not shown) and Ontario for a while. We just got it in Alberta.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Market Average Price

The average price of this item at the stores we can find it listed in.

I grabbed this one from Value Buds well below the market price we track.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Store Count

The count of stores we can find this item listed at.

Grabbed this one from Value Buds but they aren't represented in this version of the data. Still, we see a small bump in store count from the Alberta stores we do track.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Monthly Sales

The sum of the observed change in inventory multiplied by the price of this item across all stores.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Monthly Sell-Through Per Store

The sum change in inventory for this item divided by the number of stores that list it.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Monthly Sales Per Store

The sum of observed sales for this item divided by the number of stores that list it.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Share of Total Sales

The sum of sales for this item as a percentage of all sales we track.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Cumulative Sales

The cumulative sum of tracked sales for this item.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the market figures. If you're an industry participant with a store or a SKU in the market and you need something like this emailed to you, let us know. Feel free to contact us for questions on the data or reporting.