Cabaret by MedReleaf (AltaVie)

Cabaret by MedReleaf (AltaVie)

After a really good experience with the ‘Tangerine Dream‘ from San Rafael I decided to step it up a notch and spend a bit more for premium products. So instead of going back to San Rafael, I chose MedReleaf’s more expensive brand AltaVie.

Today, we’ll review one of two AltaVie varieties I have, this one is Cabaret.

Cabaret’s taste and scent profile is overtly skunky, it’s hard to ignore. When you get into the taste, it has an acidic edge that feels almost carbonated, which leads into an array of broad thiols that share qualities with blue cheese. I find the back end notes fade quickly to leave skunky forward notes.

MedReleaf grows a Island Sweet Skunk, I would imagine that’s what this is. I believe the Island Sweet Skunk was originally bred by the Federation Seed Company, it’s a West Coast island variety. You can get it now at BC Bud Depot, they call it an inbred skunk line.

Cabaret’s visual appeal was incredibly disappointing, by far the worst I’ve seen so far. Mostly crumbs and lowers, one prominent stem. There was nothing good about it. I’m left wondering how the taste would have been if the quality of the flower was higher.

The Cabaret was $13.99 per gram and 18.73% THC. 

I’ve reviewed two other varieties that I would say has a taste profile similar to Cabaret (THC Biomed Sativa Landrace and Tantalus Labs Serratus). The THC Biomed product is around half the cost and double the visual quality of Cabaret. In terms of quality, flavour projection and overall character, the Serratus absolutely murders this Cabaret, without contest. So I guess this review is more of a eulogy.

Join me next time where we’ll be looking into another AltaVie product, Campfire. Spoiler alert: it’s just as visually disappointing. Then we’ll move into some robust bud with whiffle ball rigidity– 7ACRES Sensi Star.