Cannatonic by Tantalus Labs

Cannatonic by Tantalus Labs

And now we arrive at the final Tantalus Labs cannabis review.

We’re doing the Cannatonic today. The CBD Queen mother, the one that started the movement, many CBD varieties bare its tastes, some have built breeding houses around its phenotypes. The Cannatonic has already achieved beyond legendary status and, I feel, is still low in the curve of its potential.

Let’s talk about lineage first. Cannatonic has long been called a G-13 Haze, MK Ultra cross, which isn’t correct. If you’ve had both of these before, you might have questioned the cross because Cannatonic doesn’t taste much like either of the parents.

Resin Seeds made the Cannatonic. Kudos to them. They created the whole thing, so they’d know the lineage (I assume). The true lineage is Reina Madre with a New York City Diesel. If this is news to you, go taste a cannatonic, you might find the diesel rings more true on the palate. Some seem to be more expressive of the landrace while others keep the sharp diesel tones, in some form.

We’re talking taste, so let’s move into Tantalus’ Cannatonic offering. The taste is fairly green and rolls throughout some friendly yellow tones, anchoring to polite earths. It interprets herbal and natural. The profile is fairly tight with some linear depth, it doesn’t include a wide variety of tastes but still can be interesting over multiple uses.

As far as Cannatonics go, the Tantalus buds are more plump than scanty. The majority are thumb size and somewhat conical. The buds appear fairly dark in color, brought further into the shift by the dark red hairs and the amber trichomes. Like the sensitive bad-boy with many tattoos, rides a motorcycle, perhaps has a snake; he looks rather mean, but once you get to know him you ultimately say “he’s so nice!”

The cannabinoid profile on the Tantalus Cannatonic is about 1:20 THC to CBD. Resin says Cannatonics will waiver from 30:1 to 1:30, quite the pendulum. So Tantalus is bringing you a CBD dominant Cannatonic, but THC dominant phenotypes are possible.

And that’s the end of the Tantalus range. Each peak has their positives with Serratus and Skunk Haze leaving the greatest impression on me. The 1:1 Harlequin is well done and fairly unique in the market, similarly with the Cascade for the CBD dominant chemotype with upward terpene profile. The Cannatonic is a decent offering but should come down to price and taste preference for individual users, (I prefer the Cascade for the taste). Ironically, the most popular variety is my least favourite, still likeable but I feel, by comparison, the Blue Dream lacks some of the character the rest have.

All considered, it was a good trounce through the mountains. By my perspective, cost was the worst part, at $10 and change across the range, there are many different other (medical) varieties available at less price. But then again, there are many other ‘less valuable’ varieties available at higher prices. I received several tops but didn’t pay $15 per gram for them, I suppose that is a good deal. So with price, I think a consumer is best to stick and move until the seas calm. I grow my own, so purchasing a bit of cannabis occasionally is easier to rationalize. I’d recommend to do the same.

The Tantalus jars really matter to me and they add value to the equation. Previously, I had used transparent mason jars which would degrade the cannabis over time, especially if the jars were left in the light. After this two week period of using only Tantalus cannabis, the jars are scattered throughout the house, each accessible for the time of day I use it. I’ve observed little to no change in the taste or quality of the cannabis. Most of the Tantalus range has a higher than average moisture content, and I felt the jars did a really good job maintain the content over the time I used it. I would say most buds are within 80% of the condition I received them in, almost two weeks afterwards.

I’m going to review the JWC Cannatonic next, which came in that sad plastic tub everyone uses. I knew I was going to wait a week or two to review so I put it in a jar. If I had left it (JWC Cannatonic) in its original container, it would be a ghost of itself by now. JWC does provide Boveda packs, but I just use them for my home grown cannabis. Thanks!

Now that the range is done, I’ll review 3 more varieties of LP cannabis. From there, I’ll move onto a milieu of homegrown cannabis varieties. So, check back in a bit.