Carmel Animal Face

Carmel Animal Face


Hi, it’s Squid Pants here looking at another pack of pre-rolls today.  This time it’s Animal Face from one of my favourite producers, Carmel.  Surprisingly this isn’t one I’d recommend, and it’s for all the usual pre-roll reasons.  Let’s break this down.

Animal Face

Animal Face is bred by Seed Junky and is Faceoff OG x Animal Mints.  That promises to be a tasty combination.  Carmel offers this in dried flower as well.  A very quick look showed a few other brands are offering Animal Face or a very closely related variety, so this is at least a little trendy.


Inside a mylar bag you have a translucent glass tube with a cork stopper.  A bit over packaged in my opinion but a nice presentation, besides you can clean the glass tube and stopper and use it for other things after.  The package contains 3 joints of approximately 0.5 grams each for a total package size of 1.5 grams.  THC is listed at about 24.4% with negligible CBD.  Terpene percentages are not given but dominant terpenes are listed as Caryophyllene, Linalool and Myrcene.

This was packaged on the 10th of October, 2022 and I opened it 66 days later.

Consumption Details

Tastes are lemon rind and menthol backed OG Kush with some doughiness mixed in.  Draw is nice as the contents are well packed, not too tight and not too loose.  Ash does come out really clean and the burn is even.  Form factor is longer and thinner than the stubbies, and is my preferred style.

One of the pre-rolls was opened and emptied on a scale to check the weight of the contents.  Just like all the other pre-rolls I have tried lately it’s been ground very fine and it’s impossible to tell what kind of material is in there.  The package says “made from whole flower” so there’s at least a little flower in there, but it doesn’t say “made only with whole flower” though, so there’s room for pessimism about the contents here.  This is reasonably tasty, but not what I’ve come to expect from this brand.  Really there’s no way to tell if it’s just lowers and other inferior flower clusters used.  This is the nicest of the pre-rolls I’ve had recently, in fact I would go so far as to say it’s the second best commercial pre-roll I’ve ever had.  That said it must be noted that being the second best pre-roll is like being the second best cover band, sure it’s an impressive showing but being the second best cover band is like being the second least painful toe stubbing you’ve ever had, if you have to stub your toe at least it’s not as painful as almost every other toe stubbing you’ve ever had or will have, but of course being like the second least painful toe stubbing is like trying to find your way out of a joke featuring recursion.

Price and Value

I paid $21.95 from the OCS for 1.5 grams.  That works out to $14.63 per gram and $6.00 per 100 mg of THC.  For a little less money per gram you can get this same offering from the same producer/brand as dried flower and it will be tastier and nicer all around.  If you can’t roll there are simple, cheap rolling machines out there.

If you are a very occasional consumer and 3.5 grams is just more than you need, I guess maybe splurge on these but I don’t see this as worth it under any other circumstances.


I keep finding the same thing with all the pre-rolls I’ve tried, they are overpriced and middling quality contents at best.  Even though I think the brand Carmel is very worth visiting when you feel like splurging, I don’t recommend these pre-rolls.