Baked Purple Cookie Punch

Baked Purple Cookie Punch

Checking out Purple Cookie Punch by Baked.

I saw this jar available last night at Bud Bar, and there were only two left, so I placed an order and picked it up the next morning. Now, there's only one left at the store, and I expect it to be gone by tonight, but I'm not sure.

I tend to think that this is a fairly sought-after offering, but maybe that's just clever marketing. Anyways, I had the first-time buyer 10% off, so I thought I would buy this, and I think I got it for about $170, which is a fairly good deal for this item.

When I opened it, it was a fairly elaborate procedure. There's a top cellophane wrap and an inner seal that is Mylar and fixed well. Then, you get to the humid pack, and there is a small piece of wax paper separating the lid from the buds and keeping them all pushed down. When I dumped the buds out, they looked great—trimmed well, full-sized, no smalls or not too many smalls—so it looks like the qualitative determination quad that is given on the package. Just while I'm thinking about it, when I opened the $75 Pure SunFarms ounce, it wasn't trimmed as nicely, but the buds looked fairly similar. So, I'm looking for the reason why I paid extra for this product, and I'm definitely going to find it in the tastes. When I opened the package, the aroma didn't really hit me, but that's just one measure.


I'm guessing this is a Cookies and Cream x Purple Punch, some call it Punch Cookies. I find conflicting listings elsewhere, suggesting it is a Cookies and Purple Punch by Symbiotic. No lineage is given on the container I purchased, so that's as far as I can take it.


Id say the visuals are good, but unassuming. Size shape and colour dips into the purple tones but is largely fairly typical. Trichome coverage is healthy. It’s good looking, but not freakishly so. 


Feel is about perfect. The grinds are cohesive but feel soft and dry to the touch. 


When the I grind the buds, this scent appears as sweet cakey and berry. The sweet notes are very thick and rubberous and there is an ultra sweet icing edge to it that covers up a bit of gas and tart berry. Character is desert like and I’d say the pronunciation is above average. 


Taste are soft and earthy with sweet lavender and laundry tones.  There’s some soft, chocolate and gas appearing his secondary notes with a pine note that’s reminiscent of OG Kush. A gassy floral resin note appears on the exhale which brings an aggressive leave to the profile. Dimension is really likeable, transcends, many likeable elements of several different popular flavour profiles. It resides in the typical cakey OG type tastes that are very popular these days, but brings detail and dimension that you don’t usually see.


Initially, Im really happy with the purchase. Has some sticky laundry aroma after I vape it that I find really relaxing. Find myself coming back to the same vaped material and still finding good taste. Although someone paying above the market average for an ounce may say something like that. Let's see if I feel the same way by the end of the jar.

By the end of it, I was really happy with it. With daily use, I became bored of it, but I only had to abstain for a few days before returning again and the profile felt like it did when it was new.


Thanks for reading the review. See you on the next one.