POLAR Skunk Shocker Live Rosin

POLAR Skunk Shocker Live Rosin

Thanks for joining for another review. We're looking at a live rosin product, this is POLAR's Skunk Shocker.


The presentation of the product was quite appealing, with its white and light blue color scheme in the sliding box, lending it a touch of elegance. Upon opening the box, the aroma of rosin greets you immediately, and inside the jar, there's a pleasing dollop of rosin ready to be enjoyed.

I didn't pay much attention to how I stored this jar; I wasn't sure where the rosin was positioned initially, but it seems to have stayed in place perfectly throughout. Quite impressive.


The tastes are a peculiar blend of minty freshness (I thought it was near toothpaste), fruity sweetness, and earthy undertones. Despite its unusual combination, it's surprisingly enjoyable. Upon revisiting it multiple times, I noticed that some of the more unconventional secondary flavours, like the toothpaste-like essence, became less prominent, leading to a more balanced and refined flavour profile.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and if given the chance to purchase it again at the same price, I would definitely go for it.

Package Length

The product spent 31 days in the package. I purchased it in November 2023, towards the end of the month. It was packed on October 27, 2023.


The price for the 1 g package of rosin was $42.49 with the 20% Black Friday discount, making it 9% lower than the average I've paid for a 1 g package of rosin, which is $46.74.

Terpene Content

The terpene content was shown at 7.93%, which is 6.9% higher than the average content for any rosin, which is 7.42%.

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Cannabinoid Content

The cannabinoid content was shown at 63.5% THC, which is 11.8% lower than the average tracking for our purchases, which is 72% THC plus CBD.


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