Flowr BC Black Cherry

Flowr BC Black Cherry

Crisp definition in the top notes of the olfactory profile sets this version of In House Genetics’ Black Cherry Punch apart from the rest on the market.

Hey pancakenap here, doing one of the better Black Cherry Punches I’ve encountered in a while, Flowr’s BC Black Cherry. 

I’d tell you the best Black Cherry Punch is the North40 version. I liked also liked the -ness version for the price point. At the time of writing I also have the Edison version. But this Flower version has a few qualities that set it apart.


Right after meeting up with Top Colaz for the Platinum Garlic, I went over to Value Buds to enquire about MTL’s version of THSeed’s Sage ‘n Sour, because at the time it was selling really well, probably still is.

Anyways, I was asking the bud tender how it was and they said they didn’t like it very much; too dry. So I asked what they’d recommend and what came back was this BC Black Cherry. Squid Pants had mentioned this offering by Flowr previously, saying his friend was really taken by a version he had bought in Ontario. The price was alright, so I took the recommendation.


I marked visuals bad due to about 25% of the package being smalls. I’ve done it to better looking cannabis, so I’m doing it here too. For this price ($8.28, slightly above the historical average for the package size) I wouldn’t say the entire contents met the minimum standard for bud size.

The medium sized buds have good purple colouring. Looks hand trimmed, cuts angled with the face, leaving some trim left. There are many instances of stem left as well. Respectable trichome coverage, even on the trim.


Good feel. I left it in the package over a 2 week period and it dried only slightly. 


Great smell, bright raspy cherry with a dry grape tone that has delicious depth. Spans a good vertical but the top notes steal the show, they’re very prominent.


Beautiful profile here. The frontage is soft vanilla  and cherry, backed by pine flavoured gas. Base notes are full bodied cherry with syrupy resin which also makes for a prominent finish. Stellar pronunciation throughout. Longevity of flavour in the vaporizer is excellent.


Quality is very good. Has been packaged for a long time, but is a good example of packaging date being a poor indicator of quality. Small bud size, yeah. Who cares? Me. Olfactory quality was still stellar throughout. Seal was not sealed when I opened the package, guess it didn’t matter.


Value is calculated as above average. Even with the detractions I feel like its at least average value at this price point. If you can get over the bud size and stems you wont be disappointed.

This was available at the same price as the Edison Black Cherry Punch offering.


The package I review here has been in the package 3 times longer than the average of over 385 purchase I’ve tracked. A large portion of my package was comprised of smalls. I argue that’s something to complain about, you may feel different. Doesn’t matter for this offering; it had top notch profile, and even the small, stemmy buds brought good flavour. I really enjoyed it. Good recommendation from the budtender.