Fraser Valley MAC1

Fraser Valley MAC1

Thank you for joining me for today's review. We'll be taking a look at a Pure SunFarms product under their Fraser Valley brand and the cultivar we are looking at is MAC1.

I purchased this product from Canna Cabana in Northwest Calgary on a Friday morning, shortly after they opened. I was one of the first customers in line, and within minutes, the store had 10 or 12 people in line. In fact, during a later visit around dinner, the store was so busy that I had to leave. Went back later near 10pm, it still had more than 5 people inside. This isn't a complaint, it's a compliment. I observed customers from every market segment in that store, from teenagers who likely needed ID verification to older seniors. It's a popular spot.

MAC1 Lineage

I believe that MAC1 is Capulator's special cut of Miracle Alien Cookies, which he reportedly only shares with deserving individuals for cultivation. It's a unique strain resulting from a three-way cross involving Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and a Colombian landrace, although the specific order of operations in the crossbreeding is not disclosed.


The cannabis flower I received consisted of a mix of small, medium, and large buds. The larger buds were particularly impressive in one or two cases. The trim was consistent across the small and large buds, although there were some minor instances of trim leaves left behind. More importantly, the density of the buds was uniform throughout, with no loose or larfy buds in the batch. Considering the price point, I believe you'd be quite satisfied with the visual quality of this product.


The feel of the buds is very good, although towards the end of the package, the grinds do tend to become a bit dryer.


The scents emanating from the buds are characterized by creamy berry, fruit, and pine notes, accompanied by a touch of warm spice. These aromas create a balanced and soothing profile that doesn't venture into any overpowering or aggressive tones.


The taste profile is characterized by subdued pine and hazy berry notes, complemented by a creamy earthy undertone that leans more towards a milky texture than a traditional earthiness. The finish leaves a subtle and creamy berry aftertaste. The overall character of the taste is calm and relaxed, with a mid-range projection of flavors and respectable longevity in terms of flavor performance in a vaporizer.


Considering the price I paid, I found this product to be quite enjoyable. While it may not offer higher quality than some of the legacy mail-order operators with listings for ounces under $100, I believe it provides better value and comes with the assurance of testing. I'm looking forward to seeing what other products Pure SunFarms releases under this brand. You'll probably see me back here soon with the Donny Burger.

Product Stats

I reviewed this cannabis on October 9, 2023, which was 21 days after the purchase, and I've already consumed 3/4 of the bag.

Package Date

I purchased this product on September 18, 2023, and it was packaged on June 5, 2023. This means the product has been packaged for 105 days, which is nearly 7% longer than the average packaging duration we've been tracking for the recreational market.


The price for this ounce was a flat $75, making it $2.68 per gram. This price is 14% lower than the average price we usually pay for a 28-gram package, which stands at $3.12 per gram.

Bringing in some figures from the market, CannStandard is tracking an average price per gram for an ounce package at $4.75 in November 2023, which equates to $132.66 for the package.

In September 2023, I paid $75, or $2.68 per gram for the ounce of MAC1 reviewed here. The market average that month was $4.80 per gram or 44.2% below the market average for September 2023.

From CannStandard Dried Flower Price Outline. Data taken on November 8 2023.


The combined terpene content is reported at 1.67%, which is notably 42.6% lower than the average terpene content displayed on packages that show it.

In terms of cannabinoid content, it's 22.9% THC and 0.0% CBD. This THC percentage is 10% higher than the average content of all our flower purchases, which is around 20.8% THC plus CBD.

Fraser Valley Review History

This marks my first Fraser Valley review, so the price statistics related to this brand are identical to those mentioned above. Fraser Valley is about 14% lower than the typical $3.12 per gram I pay for ounces, which is mostly made up of purchases from legacy providers.

Breakdown of brands making up the ounce price average. 

Canna Cabana Purchase History

This was my 21st purchase at Cana Cabana, totaling $730.22 in spending. It's also the first ounce I've ever bought there, so the price statistics I've mentioned twice above are relevant here as well. The ounce I purchased from Cabana comes out to be about 14% lower in price than all other ounces I've bought previously.

On average, a flower product I've purchased from Cana Cabana has spent approximately 83.7 days in the package before I purchased it. This is 15% lower than the average packaging duration in the recreational market from any vendor, which typically stands at 98 days.

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were in October 2023. Contact us for more information about our market intel.

Days Active

The first date we can find the product listed and the number of days since then.

Provinces Listed

The count of provinces we can find this product listed in.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023

Market Average Price

The average price of this item at the stores we can find it listed in.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023

Store Count

The count of stores we can find this item listed at.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023

Monthly Sales

The sum of the observed change in inventory multiplied by the price of this item across all stores.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023

Monthly Sell-Through Per Store

The sum change in inventory for this item divided by the number of stores that list it.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023

Monthly Sales Per Store

The sum of observed sales for this item divided by the number of stores that list it.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023

Share of Total Sales

The sum of sales for this item as a percentage of all sales we track.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023

Cumulative Sales

The cumulative sum of tracked sales for this item.

Data Refreshed September 30 2023


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