Tribal Power Sherb

Tribal Power Sherb

Hey thanks for joining me for the review today. We're looking at one of the Tribal live resin products available in 510 format. I believe there are 4 at the time of writing and the one I selected for review is Power Sherb.


Power Sherb is bred by Exotic Genetix from their Cookies and Cream to Sherbinski’s (I assume) Sunset Sherbet.


The cartridge is presented in a metal box. To access its contents, you simply press metal tabs located at the top and bottom of the box. Upon opening it, you'll notice compartments within, each snugly fitted with foam to accommodate up to three vape cartridges. The design of the case appears to be quite practical.

The actual cartridge itself seems to be made of glass with a red plastic tip. I've opted for a generic, no-frills battery to conduct this review. The battery offers three settings, and I've settled on the one that provides the best flavor, which happens to be the highest setting.


Impressive flavours, quite sherbet-like. If I had to draw a comparison, it would be akin to the sour and sweet twist of a Granny Smith apple. The profile exhibits decent complexity for a vape cartridge, but it falls short when compared to a dry herb vaporizer. The olfactory response kicks in swiftly. The initial hit always delivers the best flavour, with subsequent ones retaining only about 40% of the initial taste.


The effects are potent, but they lean more towards distillate than dried flower in terms of dimension. It lacks a certain satisfaction but offers greater magnitude.


As I've progressed through about 85% of this vape cartridge, I must admit I've thoroughly enjoyed having it around. The performance has been consistently excellent, with no issues of clogging or any malfunctions throughout my usage.


The product indeed boasts good quality and provides an enjoyable experience. There are no glaring negatives to point out, as it avoids any unfavorable traits like off-putting tastes or poor functionality.

The flavour profile initially presents itself with great prominence and harmony, it tends to become tiresome quite quickly. What initially feels punchy and exciting can, by the end of the week, border on overbearing and somewhat annoying. This experience has left me rather impressed with the Tribal vape cart line, piquing my curiosity about other available options. Yet, I don't see myself returning for this Power Sherb vape anytime soon, but I might try the flower to see how the flavour compares.

Product Stats

Package Date

This product had been packaged for 53 days when I purchased it on September 4, 2023.

Review Date

I composed this review on September 29, 2023, and completed it on October 19, 2023.


The price for this 1-gram 510 cartridge was $39.36. CannStandard tracked an average price per gram for the 818 510 cartridge SKUs we've found in the market at $45.90, or 16.5% more than the price I paid for this Tribal cartridge.

Average price per gram for any 510 cartridge from CannStandard


The cannabinoid content was displayed as 74.8% THC and 0.0% CBD.

Terpenes total to 7.6% and the product is Farnesene dominant.

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