Fraser Valley Weed Co D. Burger

Fraser Valley Weed Co D. Burger

Looking at Fraser Valley Weed Company's D. Burger today. This is from Pure Sun Farms and sold in an ounce package.


To me the name shown on the package appears to suggest this is synonymous this Skunk House's Donnie Burger.


Alright visuals. Bud size is the best feature, which doesn’t go very far. Colouring is green but carries a brown tinge. Trim is pretty good for the price. 


Feel is good. It's dense and can take a pinch.


Has a sour grass smell. I wouldn’t say its appealing but it is long lasting.


Taste is earthy. Clay shale loam with a few green spices and faint gas. The larger buds have some pleasant sweet tones. Throughout the ounce I experienced a variance in taste, actually. Projection is neutral. Lacks sulphur or greasy fuel.


Gets you stoned for cheap. Otherwise, it’s pretty basic. Sometimes offensive in the wrong ways, but mostly reliable.

I wrote the sensory notes back in February but I'm finishing this write up in May. I still have much of this ounce, I’ve bought and gone through several others since. I’ve gotten bored of it several times, only to come back to it and realize it's not that bad. 

It's a $72 ounce with reliable availability and a base level of quality. It might not be something you lust after but I'd be a liar if I said there wasn't a scenario where I'd buy it again.


Thanks for reading this one, see you on the next.