Simply Bare Bridesmaid

Simply Bare Bridesmaid

Today we're reviewing a 3.5 gram package of Bridesmaid from Simply Bare.


This one is Wedding Cake crossed with Jealousy. Both are bred by Seed Junky so you'd think this would be bred by Seed Junky. I did a quick search but couldn't find anything concrete. Leaving it as a question mark.


I called the visuals good. Buds are plump with vibrant green coloring. Trichome coverage is there, but this lacks the bulky bracts you see elsewhere. Whether that’s due to the grow or phenotypic, I’m not sure. As I said before, I still call this good-looking.

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Feel is good. After a few days in the jar, it dries out a bit, which I kinda prefer for the vape.


Scent is pretty loud with powdery cream, a nutty midsection that abuts to gassy earth. The profile comes through clear and shines with prominence.


The profile is creamy earths with gas, chocolate, and thick tarry leathers that appear prominently on the exhale. With use, it dries down into creamy earths but keeps the leathery influence. Performance overall is above average.


I remember this one fondly but doesn't haunt my dreams. It's certainly worth a try but for me it came down to taste. The flavour profile is done well but isn't really something I pine for. I see this available in 3.5g and 28g packs so it could be something you try once and end up liking enough to get an ounce.


Thanks for reading the review this week. See you next week for another.