Greenade Lindsay OG

Greenade Lindsay OG

Hey pancakenap here. I’ve got Lindsay OG today. We’ve seen it on this website before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it available from a licensed source. Grower on this cut of Lindsay is Verte West, and it’s sold under the Greenade brand.

Impulse Buy

This was an impulse buy. I went in for Meat Breath and when the dude goes into the back I see the recognizable Greenade on the shelf so I look to see what the offering is. When I see it’s Lindsay OG I get pretty excited.

Lindsay OG

So I say to the bud tender in my excitement “I’m pretty sure this is the first offering of Lindsay OG outside of the illicit market” and they reply “there’s an illicit market for Lindsay OG?” Which is cool, a bud tender doesn’t need to know every single detail of the cultivars I like. Lindsay OG has some infamy in Canada and it’s won a cup in the past 5 years, so I’d call it worth while to pick up few details on the source.

Verte West

It wasn’t until I got home that I saw that this flower was grown by Verte West. I’d relate strongly this was a postive find. Their logo ain’t on the package and the text with their name isn’t very noticeable.

I’ve reviewed Verte West product several times previously and they’re fairly active on social media, I think. More active than Greenade or their parent company, I’m fairly certain. So if I was Greenade, I’d get the Verte West name or logo on there a bit more prominently, because they’re out there doing the marketing grunt work on Twitter, buttering up cannabis reviewers by laughing at their pubic hair jokes.


We’re at about $10 per gram here. For this package size I’d say this price point could be the high side of a thrifty person’s mid-range, or the low side of the mid-range for someone used to spending a bit more.

With respect to the listings I could pull from Alberta over the last 90 days, the price is within about 2% of average, which equates to about $0.50. So again, in the belt-line.

Across all the half quarters Squid Pants has bought and the eighths that I bought (that’s a regional fraction joke, they’re both the same size), the average price paid is $34.49, or about $10 per gram. The price paid for this Greenade was about $2 lower than that average. At the risk of being redundant, from this perspective the price of this offering is about average; not too good, not bad at all.

Days in Package

This Lindsay was bagged back in October, or 154 days before I bought it. That’s 46% more time than the average of the purchases from Squid Pant’s and I.

Qualitative Summary

I awarded this product about 30% more points than the average set by all my reviews, and 18% more than the average set by Squid Pants and I. I ranked it well above average for taste and just above average for scent. 


I called the buds medium sized. One single bud looked like it was forgotten during trimming but most of the damage was inconsequential.


This bud was dry. Grounds were fine particulate.


I called the intensity good and felt the profile was authentic.


You get the florals and soft purple tones that I look for in the profile. The finish was notably good. I gave it a 9/10 for likability and a 5/5 for longevity.

Did you like it?


Would you Recommend it?

I think those looking for a twist on a typical OG profile will like this.


Authentic profile, done well.


That one bud with the trim and the stem fibre left.


History with the brand and cultivar.


Purolator or Canada Post is my preferred method of procuring cannabis products. I had to go into a store to get this.