Natural History Tally Man

Natural History Tally Man

Hey pancakenap here with Natural History’s Tally Man today. 

I liked this one, I think it’s a winning offering. But there were problems with the package I purchased. There’s was good stuff going on here, for a somewhat attractive price, but the product was old and the flavour just didn’t last very long. It really left me wanting more. Let’s get to it.


Breeder on this is Oni and they actually call this Tally Mon, with an ‘o’. The lineage is Banana OG x Dosidos crossed to Oni’s Papaya.

Days in Package

This was packed for 192 days before I bought it, or nearing double the average of our purchases lately. 


Price was $30.39, or $8.68 per gram. I’d tell you that price point is pretty favourable for what you get with this offering, but I didn’t feel that way personally. 


Buds are smaller in size with good development, coverage and colouring. Trim is very close. Detailed development is lacking but I can’t tell if it’s due to plant morphology or the way it was trimmed.


Feel is good, the cannabis can take a good amount of compressive force before it breaks apart. Grinds to a finer mix of particles that compact very well because they are not fluffy.


Scents are salty pine with a light cheesy funk. Prominence is low, the profile seems quite complex but it just doesn’t pronounce itself enough.


Tastes are salty tropical fruit with vanilla and a dry woodsy musk. The finish is rich rose wood, creamy fruit with slight hints of varnish. Character is definitely tropic-central but the secondary notes make it feel more matured. Tastes dries down quickly. The interesting character is lost, leaving bland vanilla and flat fruit.

Criteria Total

I rated it 10% below average and it pains me to do so.


The flavour quality just wasn’t there for the package I bought to be worth $8 something per gram. But I still wouldn’t steer you away from this offering, it really has an interesting flavour profile. Done well, it should be something to see.