Greenterra Wedding Cake

Greenterra Wedding Cake

pancakenap here, doing Greenterra’s Wedding Cake.

Greenterra Wedding Cake

I got this one on steep discount at Shelter Market’s closing sale. The quality is basic, but more than you’d expect from a $69 ounce, I’d expect.

I gave the offering 47 out of a total 70 points. This was about 18% higher than my current average points awarded (40) and 5% higher than the average points awarded across the 3 reviewers contributing to the database currently. 

This is a medical offering but I’ve compared the price to the averages we’ve found in the recreational market. This offering was about 40% less than the current average for an ounce in Alberta ($116.97, over ~106k listings placed since this year began). I think we have 3 rows for ounce products in our database right now, including this one, and this offering’s price of $69 is about 30% cheaper than the current average set by the small sample size ($102.93).

Visuals and Feel

Both of these sensory categories were fairly decent. Feel ended up above average, visuals ended up just below.

Depending on the bud size and how much stem is left, there may be some ugly angles to this bud, but that’s the worst of it. Surface detail is pretty good. I couldn’t score this well for trichome coverage with the naked eye but I can see some coverage looking up close at the macro photos.

Scent and Taste

Present, but lacking detail, both scent and taste ended up being adequate but leaving much to be desired in all categories.

Scent and taste intensity were acceptable, not great but present enough to be detectable.

Likability is about average. Both scent and taste bring enough to like, but lack dimension, especially in the sweeter, gassy aspects you might expect from this profile.

Longevity in taste was slightly underwhelming but still present. 

Purchase summary

I thought this was easily one of the top 3 budget ounces I’ve seen so far, if not the top. Still, the lack of taste on the top end of the profile was a negative point to mention. However, I’m not sure how critical one can be at this price point. 

Consumer Benefits

I thought the feature here was basic bud with good development at a great price. Sure there was some stem, but no larfy buds; development was consistent throughout.

Consumer Pains

Definitely lacking in depth of taste, that was the biggest fault I’d cite.

Attractive Elements

Sale price was hard to pass up, last chance to shop at Shelter Market.

Compromises Made

Free shipping and it came vacuum sealed; I had no complaints.


Shelter Market History

I've made 23 purchases at Shelter Market totalling to $964.04.

Of those purchases, 3 were for a 28g package of flower which averaged to $2.78 per gram, -15.5% lower than the average for a 28g package across all purchases ($3.29 per gram).

On average, a flower product purchased from Shelter Market has spent 55.9 days in the package before purchase, or -5.5% lower than the average for a purchase from any vendor (59.2 days).