Don Fazool's Peppermint Kush

Don Fazool's Peppermint Kush

I met @donfazool about 4-5 years ago, about the time I became a patient.

We started growing about the same time. And I feel like it’s my duty to tell you that during the time since, he’s far surpassed me in ability to grow and process a quality product.

Every time he wants to trade, I take him up on it; because I’m always trading upwards. The trades have worked for me two ways; I get to try a superior product, and I get usable criticism on my product, because he tells it like it is.

For those reasons, these reviews aren’t critical; I write them looking upwards. I’m always interested in what he’s growing, so we’ll take a look at a few of his latest.


Peppermint Kush is done by Barney’s Farm, I’d tell you both parents are interesting.

One appears to be near landrace, Barney’s calls it Nepali Kush. The other is an American variety, Stella Blue, which is a Blueberry cross (with an unknown parent). The Barney’s description reads like this cross was made with their own Stella Blue, but I wasn’t able to find evidence they’ve offered one previously. 


Appears to have more trichomes than plant material. They’re shapely, appearing more stalky than bulbous.

This package happened to be damaged during shipping, and I think it’s interesting to see how the trichomes were impacted. 


Scent is fresh, soapy with a hint of citrus over peppered earths. Prominence goes to the top notes, although the profile is very well balanced.


Heat causes the soapy notes blend to the earths, which seems to pull most of the profile towards the mid tones, highlighting lightly spiced fruit, vanilla, and floral resin towards the top.

The floral blend gives the profile a cool, smooth feeling, which is left on the palate after use. The spices are slight, but enough to occlude the earth tones, playing supportive to the name this flower was given.

Thanks to @donfazool for gifting the cannabis for this review. There’s a handful more to see in the coming weeks.