Back Forty Sour Cherry Gummies

Back Forty Sour Cherry Gummies

Hey pancakenap here with Back Forty Sour Cherry Gummies.


We got a 10mg THC gummy product here. Price was $3.89. Bought at Canna Cabana. They showed the market price at $5.99 for this product. This product came with a desiccant pack inside the package.


All gummies are mostly the same to me. The total package dosage is negligible, 10mg THC. The price is high, usually $4-8 per package. Taste doesn’t even really matter, I just cram them down my gullet. I tend to prefer the packages with the most gummies for the cheapest price. When the stakes are this small, it really doesn’t matter what brand or product name is on the package.


Now, I notice more products sold as chewable extracts that mitigate the constraints outlined above. I hope we see more of these products, but it brings a new layer of irrelevance to this review.

However, I did take these photos, and I’ll pass the ingredients list to a Registered Dietician for their review. Those are the points of value from this write up. So let’s get right to it.


The gummies are red in colour and square in shape. The package included a desiccant pack and the gummies weren’t wet, nor were they so dry the material was flaking.


Gummies have a firm mouth feel but start to melt immediately with the enzymatic activity in your mouth.


Cherry flavouring with citrus acid for the sour aspects. Very sweet. Contains no cannabis flavouring. Tastes very sweet.


12 ingredients

  • no artificial sweeteners
  • Malic acid is flavour enhancer and pH stabilizer (haven’t seen it used before)
  • Not any independent preservatives
  • Pectin could be a preservative
  • Pectin and glycerin for texture

Alright, that’s all folks. Thanks for reading the review today, see you on the next one!