Home Grow Data

Home Grow Data
Smaller Home grows, Are they worth it?

We wrote this for people who have never grown at home before. People wondering if it’s even worth spending the money on a small tent and light. Those wondering how much cannabis you can get and how long it takes.

We give you the data we think you’d want when you’re just starting out. We show total cumulative yield. We also break down our data from each grow. We include estimates on the value of the amount grown and how long the yield might last the average person.

Grow Areas Between 4 and 6 Square Feet

All the data included comes from grows less than 6 square feet in size. These are very small grows, one or two plants only usually. Nothing larger than a 2′ x 3′ tent. Nothing smaller than a 2′ x 2′ tent. 

Grow Methods

We’re including all grow methods. Squid Pants uses auto-pots usually. I swap between soil and deep water hydroponics. 

Info on Fields and Measures

Here’s some information on each of the fields and measures used:

Plants Completed

The number of individual plants included in the data.

Total Yield

Total yield is the cumulative yield in grams taken from these small grows. The average is also shown in the subtext.

Total Yield Value

We both purchase retail cannabis. To obtain this field the yield amount in grams is multiplied by the average price per gram each of us has paid. 

Days Supply Grown

Statistics Canada says their survey respondents reported using 1.1 grams of cannabis per day, on average. We’ve used this value to estimate the length of time it will take for the average person to use the cannabis (the field is called Days Supply).

Days Flowered

The number of days it took to flower the plant. These are potentially the stinky days.

Yield Per Day Flowered

The number of grams grown per day of flowering. Ideal plants provide a high yield in the fewest number of days.

Yield Per Square Foot

How many grams were grown with respect to each square foot of area? We show the minimum and maximum as well as the average.


High level sums and average are shown on top. The bar graph at the bottom shows a breakdown for each grow. Hover/tap to populate the data.

There are three data points loaded so far, we’ll keep uploading with new data as we grow plants in these spaces.

Price Calculations

We’ve assumed a couple of things here. First, the price average shown is calculated across all package sizes we’ve purchased previously. We could have based the average off purchases of larger package sizes, say over 14 grams. But we feel the cannabis grown offsets all purchases, regardless of bulk discount. So that is why we’ve shown it like this.  Second, all flower yielded has the same value. Meaning lowers have the same value as apical flower, which isn’t the case, but we assume it is here.


We’ve assumed you likely use cannabis at the rate of 1.1 grams per day. Maybe you’ll use more or less.

Vegetative Growth, Dry and Curing Time

We’ve assumed flowering is initiated when the area is sufficiently filled. We assume dry time is about 10-14 days. We aren’t reporting any of these timelines here, but we can add those values if people feel they’re necessary.