Jonny Chronic Cherry Bomb

Jonny Chronic Cherry Bomb

Hey pancakenap here, I'm opening a package of Johnny Chronic’s Cherry Bomb.

This review has a negative outcome; I did not enjoy this product. Although I will provide a comprehensive review, my usage was brief. I ground up the buds, vaped a cycle, and found it unfavorable. The remaining product is stored with others I didn't like. It was relatively expensive even on sale, and the quality did not justify the price. Mendo offers various varieties of Johnny Chronic's Cherry Bomb and I've waited a while to put this review out so it's not the recent lot that's on sale now. The lot number of the flower I review today is CHB3113021–A.


The lineage shown on the package is "Mama's Chilli Bomb" and "Headspace" but I had trouble tracking this back to the breeder. I attempted to identify it using Seed Finder, but none of the results I found matched the description provided on Mendo's website. The listing mentions popular parents like OG Kush, Tangerine Dream, Headhunter, and a Hawaiian Sativa Landrace, which is intriguing, but not something I could track down.


It's unfortunate that the initial impression of the buds wasn't favorable, especially with signs of aging in the color and complexion of the trichome matrix. The appearance of the buds can significantly impact the overall experience.


Feel is dry AF. The buds are dense but you can still press through them.


Smell is pine with some sweet citrus. Its surprising present but not loud.


Taste is dry and dusty. There’s a floral resin present with some woodsy pencil shavings. It’s on the line but still garbage. I tossed the grinds and wont use the rest of this eighth.


This one didn't quite make the top of my list. The 3.5 g package came in under $20, a sweet deal, but the quality, unfortunately, didn't live up to expectations. The days in package length is low and hints that this might be outdoor cannabis, a detail I may have missed during purchase. In the grand scheme, it's just a data point. Despite the reputable producer, the quality was a surprise. The only takeaway here is that $19 might be a bit much for an eighth of outdoor cannabis.

Product Stats

Package Date

I purchased this product on November 27, 2023, and the packaging date was September 20, 2023. This means it spent approximately 68 days in the package, which is about 13% more than the average we observe in the medical market, typically around 60.17 days.


The terpene content is reported at 1.81% of the total terpenes, which is 37.5% lower than the average terpene content we've been tracking, standing at 2.89% of any terpene. It's worth noting that the number of terpene standards the lab tests for may vary, and testing for more standards could reveal additional terpenes. This comparative measure, while accurate, should be considered with that in mind.

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In terms of cannabinoid content, this offering shows 22% THC and 0.0% CBD. This is 5.9% higher than the average cannabinoid content of our flower purchases since the start of this website, which currently stands at 21.1% THC and CBD.


The 3.5 g package of this product was priced at $19.13, equating to $5.46 per gram. This is 41% lower than the average we're tracking for 3.5 g packages, which stands at $9.31 per gram.

Jonny Chronic Review History

This being my first review of a Johnny Chronic product, the price statistics indicate that, as a brand, they are about 41% lower than the average I'm used to paying for a 3.5 g package.

Mendo Cannabis Purchase History

I’ve purchased 13 products from Mendo Cannabis, totaling $494.57. Among those purchases, six were for a quarter-ounce package of flower, and those transactions averaged to $6.77 per gram. This is 1.4% lower than the average I usually pay for a quarter-ounce package of all-flower cannabis, which is $6.87 per gram.

On average, flower products purchased from Mendo Cannabis have spent 102.4 days in the package before purchase, which is 70% higher than the average I've tracked from any medical vendor, which is 60.2 days.


Thanks for reading the review today! See you for the next one.