Woody Nelson SSOG

Woody Nelson SSOG

Hey pancakenap here, I'm opening a package of Woody Nelson's SSOG.

This producer garnered positive attention on social media a while ago, prompting me to order it based on its producer's reputation. This was packaged on August 15, 2023. I acquired it from Mendo Cannabis, and I am now opening it on December 6 2023.

The aroma hit me as soon as I tore open the packaging, intensifying when I broke the tongue and groove seal. Despite its ice cream-inspired name, the scent was somewhat dense with earthy undertones, a bit chalky, and challenging to fully appreciate.


Were looking at a Sunset Sherbert crossed with High Octane OG by Seed Junky, as described on Woody's website:

This high-THC cultivar is rich in terpenes, including Trans-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Beta-Myrcene and smells like lemon, pine and brown butter.


The unboxing was rather remarkable. Inside the 3.5 g package, there were only two buds. One of the buds had a fairly large stem visible, prompting me to weigh it to evaluate how I felt about receiving such a sizeable bud compared to the smaller buds in the Partake Cannabis package, for instance.


Upon opening the package, it reveals an aroma of gassy rubber. The process of separating each node from the main stem is quite impressive, releasing volatile aromatics from the inner space.

Grinding the buds unleashes intense varnish and petrol notes, accompanied by a fleeting layer of candy-like sweetness that briefly tempers the aggressive OG flavours.


The flavour profile is robust, with dominant vanilla sweetness and subtle petrol notes that linger in the sinuses. Secondary hints of pine and earth provide a backdrop to the powerful, vaporous blend of fuel and candy.


This cannabis was exceptional— great visuals and a delightful flavor profile. At its price point, it's a steal. I would definitely choose this again, although Mendo has several Woody Nelson offerings, and I'm excited to explore more.

Product Stats

Package Date

This package, packed in August and purchased late November, had a seasoning period of 140 days. This duration is 72.8% longer than what is typically tracked in the medical market, but it aligns with the average seasoning period for the recreational market.

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Cannabinoid content was reported at 24% THC, indicating a 13% increase over the average THC-dominant purchases (21.1% THC + CBD) on this platform.


Priced at $25.49 for the eighth, it breaks down to $7.28 per gram, which is 22% lower than the average of 3.5 g packages tracked on this website ($9.31 per gram). The cost is highly favourable for consumers, offering excellent quality for under $30.

Woody Nelson Review History

This is the first product I've purchased that was branded Woody Nelson so the price statistics shown above stand, they're about 22% lower than average price so far.

Mendo Cannabis Purchase History

At the time of purchase, I had made 13 purchases at Mendo Cannabis totaling $494.57. Among these 13 purchases, five were for a 3.5 g package of flower, averaging $6.68 per gram. This price is 28.3% lower than the average for a 3.5 g package across all purchases, which is $9.31 per gram.

On average, we find a flower product purchased from Mendo Cannabis has spent 102 days in the package before purchase, which is 70.1% higher than the average for purchases from any medical vendor (60 days).


Thanks for reading today's review. See you for the next one.