Pink Mountain (Sausalito Pink Kush) From Kush Mountain

Pink Mountain (Sausalito Pink Kush) From Kush Mountain


Squid Pants here and I’m sorry, it’s somehow Pink Kush again.  I know, why do I keep going back to it when I get hurt every single time?  Well, anyone who has dealt with me knows I am an idiot, so I keep asking myself “But what if this time is different?  What if it’s like it used to be?”  I can’t not check out a new-to-me offering of Pink Kush by that lack of logic, so let’s dive in!

Sausalito Pink Kush

So Pink Kush, according to legend, is a descendant of OG Kush.  After that it gets a bit fuzzy.

Really there is no reason to restate all the stories and known facts from all the previous Pink Kush reviews, all that actually matters is how this measures up to my hopes and dreams.

So is this my old nemesis, Tom Ford Pink Kush?  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that variety but it’s off from a true Pink enough that I just find it offputting.  I’m picky though, and there are some great Tom Ford’s out there if that’s your thing.  Back to the subject at hand, I don’t think this is Tom Ford Pink Kush as I don’t detect any (Death) Bubba notes.  But is it a true Pink?  It has Sausalito in its name, does this denote a cross of some kind?  Kush Mountian’s website just says it’s from a Pink Kush lineage which implies a cross, or is the name because this particular cut came from Sausalito?  Maybe it’s just rebranding because a long ago grower wanted to set their offering apart somehow when so many were offering Pink Kush?

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Well I am me and when I’m not being stupidly stubborn, entrenching myself deeper and deeper into my mistakes, I ask people who I think know better than I do.  So I wrote an email to Tyson at Kush Mountain and heard back in mere hours.  As an aside it’s seemingly fallen out of fashion for most companies to bother responding to consumers at all anymore, so I’d like to thank Tyson for getting back to me so fast.

According to Tyson the source of this plant traces back to the illicit market, and that it was a special cut only shared with a smaller group of growers.  However, past that, according to him, its true origin story and specific details are likely lost to history.  However he feels it’s very close to, if not actually is, an original Pink Kush and I second that from a consumption standpoint.


Kush Mountain is a craft micro cultivator out of BC who are willing to take the time to bring out all they can from a product.  The good folk over at Stratcann have an article about them here so if you want to learn more about them and their production methods, check it out.

Recreationally as far as I can tell they are restricted to BC, but via the medical market they are available in other provinces.

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This came in a reasonably sized mylar bag, which is to say the buds were packed in without being squished in.  Labelling has pretty standard if minimal information on it.

There are numbers on the label you can check out in the photos, but the usual caveats apply to those so trust them at your own risk.  Neither terpenes nor harvest date are on the label, but according to the listing on Mendo Medical the dominant terpenes are Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool and Myrcene.

This was packaged on August 18th, 2023 and I opened it on February 2nd, 2024 which was 168 days later.


My package came with mostly medium sized buds, one or two smalls and a bunch of little leaf trimming flakes.  It’s almost definitely hand trim as I get those flakes on my buds when I trim.  There wasn’t so much of this that it actually made up any significant weight but I found it messy and got all that removed first.

Buds themselves are mixed look wise.  Some are dark green, others have the magentas and violets I love to see in this variety.  Most have great structure but a couple were a bit loose and one or two had a large bottom stem.  Trichome coverage is quite good, trim looks great in general.


Out of the package this is dry, in fact I feel just the wrong side of minimal humidity.  Weight was right on 7.0 grams so I suspect it was a little dry going into the pack, but a day with a humidity pack was sufficient to bring it to ideal.  When pinched the feel is dense but due to dryness I got some breaking apart.  In a grinder before rehydration little resistance was encountered and output is semi powdered.  After rehydration, density could be a little better in some buds but overall the buds felt quite nice.


Opening the package I’m greeted with a scent I can only describe as savoury.  Good news is I recognize that as an unground scent I’ve come across in really good Pinks before.  In greater detail what I encountered on opening was earthy and savoury with hints of sweetness.  After grinding the scent skews sweeter with more presence of floral and citrus elements.  The scents are assertive with decent magnitude but I’d not describe it as loud.


The taste is very close to the classic Pink I remember, but perhaps with a little more lemon candy and a hint of eucalyptus.  The sweeter elements form a cream soda-like taste that is so familiar to me from years past.

If this isn’t a true Pink Kush, it’s too close to tell the difference anyway.

Price and Value

This came from the medical market via Mendo Medical.  Price was $49.99 for 7 grams which works out to a nice $7.14 a gram, which I feel was more than fair for what was an incredibly enjoyable product.  My complaints were minimal, primarily aesthetic and even then were far from deal breakers.  As for the humidity, it was quickly fixable with no harm done.

If you’re a Pink Kush fan who has been frustrated trying to find a great offering that isn’t a Tom Ford, we’ve got one right here.  I’d easily pay a bit more for this with no regrets.


Cannabis is about many things.  Yes there are the effects, but any weed can deliver the desired alterations to my consciousness.  What sets products apart for me are all the other factors; good looks, great care in production and packaging and the like but for me personally, above all else scent and taste matter most.  The less tangible elements matter too.  The appeal of a name, or of branding can influence the impressions of a given sample of cannabis too, as well as positive or negative experiences with the producer.  Mind set does have an effect on subjective experience.

Here I have something that checked every box (though with looks I have some grumbles) including a positive interaction with the producer.  This is a worthy Pink, and I’d definitely buy this again.