DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk

DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk

Unbelievably dry, Tweed’s Lemon Skunk is lacking in scent and flavour, but falls in line with overall quality seen from Tweed before. Disappointing, but not surprising.

Tweed’s Lemon Skunk does not stand out on a visual level, it is unattractive at best. It gets worse when you touch it, calling it bone dry would be an understatement. The bud has all the extra leaves seen in the Highland review, they’re just not brown. Overall, it’s ugly.

The Lemon flavour is there, the Skunk flavour is lacking, which I believe is what DNA intended for this cultivar. It doesn’t sting with lemon. It’s not dynamic. There is nothing fancy going on here, barely anything beyond a one dimensional lemon note that fades too quickly.

Lemon Skunk is a DNA Genetics variety, created from two skunk phenotypes. I expect we got 15% of its overall character with Tweed’s version, I suppose one would have to grow it themselves to see the full 100%.

On the Alberta Cannabis website, this Lemon Skunk was a whopping $14.95 per single gram, which is laughable when you look at other premium offerings like 7ACRES for $12-16/gram. In fact, lovers of citrus tastes would be wise to skip this Lemon Skunk and try the 7ACRES Jean Guy instead. It will give a larger orchestration in taste compared to this busking Lemon Skunk.

Overall, this Lemon Skunk is severely lacking, buying it above $5.00 per gram is paying too much. I feel really bad calling it garbage, but this is bottom of the barrel, sub-value cannabis quality. Not premium $15.00 a gram quality cannabis. Do yourself a favour and skip it.

This is the second time we’ve had cannabis from Tweed that was outstandingly dissatisfying. Although a bit better than Highlands, seeing another offering from Tweed of this poor caliber is unsettling.

Alright, next up we’ll try Acreage Pharms Western Sunset or Shark Attack, it doesn’t look any better, so might as well get it over with.