LBS Palm Tree CBD

LBS Palm Tree CBD

Palm Tree CBD shows slightly better than the disappointing visuals seen from other Tweed products. This flower delivers a flavour profile that is both pleasing and adequately pronounced.

As a medical patient, I’ve received some quality stuff from Tweed in the past, the Palm Tree CBD was one of them. I haven’t enjoyed relating my observations over the past two Tweed reviews. Both were surprising, and not in a good way. Tweed has a strong menu, many of their cultivars carry some status, which is a double edged sword capable of driving hype, as well as disappointment.

Happy to say this Palm Tree CBD ups the visual quality slightly over the past two. I received 4 fingernail sized buds with barely any shake with this 1 gram container. Buds are isosceles shaped, looks like a hybrid. The manicure ranges from C grade to D grade which decreases visual quality some. It’s not good looking, nobody’s going to put it in a magazine or put a bow on it, but it lacks some of the blemishes we’ve seen in the past. Marginally sub-par overall, but better than last time.

Like other Tweed products, the Palm Tree CBD is so dry you can crush it with a pinch and it crumbles with some side to side friction. You don’t need a grinder for this. Trying to look on the bright side, I think you get a bit more volume with this level of moisture content. And, because it is so dry, it goes rather quick which could also be a plus for microdosers looking for maximum intake rate.

The scent of Palm Tree CBD is smooth, creamy tropicals alongside tight tarts. There’s also some sweetness playing secondary which makes the entire profile friendly and coaxing. In the vaporizer, the tropical flavour flattens out to banana rind and citrus pear above potent bitter earths. Bright spices appear in the top notes but the majority of the profile exists as a fruit medley with slight citrus character, it is as uplifting as it is comfortable.

Palm Tree CBD is a 1:1 cultivar, the container I received has 7.07% THC and 8.94% CBD. I am not sure of the actual genetics for this one, it tastes Harlequin and Skunk derived, that’s a wild guess. The flavour profile is devoid of anything reminiscent of Cannatonic, which your reviewer considers a plus as of late.

Palm Tree CBD was $14.95 per single gram. Unless the branding or the flavour profile is a must have for you, I can’t think of any other reason to recommend this offering (beyond market scarcity). The $15/gram price is the same price point as the 7ACRES Sensi Star, yet the difference in quality between the two is substantial. Palm Tree CBD has a cannabinoid profile similar to MariCann’s Cali-O, which is better quality and comes at almost a 40% discount.

And there you have it, another Tweed review. Like I said above, I’ve seen some good things from Tweed, but not lately. Markedly better than our last two experiences with Tweed flower, this Palm Tree CBD flower hints at greatness, but fails to achieve it here.

Up next, we have Aurora’s production of THSeeds legendary MK Ultra. It has potential to be a good representation of the beloved variety, so I’m looking forward to reviewing it.