Archive Seed Bank Moon Glow Germination

Archive Seed Bank Moon Glow Germination

Popping a package of Archive's Moon Glow today. There were 13 seeds in the package and they were sold as regular seeds.

I'm excited about this one, but a bit worried about the germination stage. There's a discord for Archive Seeds, and many of the people contributing there have reported germination issues with Moon Glow. Nothing severe, but a few people report they had seeds that didn't germinate.

There's no chance the commenters are a representative sample. People who sucessfully germinated every seed in a Moon Glow package are less likely to complain or comment online, but I still want to be careful.

Germination Method

To germinate seeds I'll use the paper towel method or a glass of water, depending on what I am running. If it's a bunch of homemade seeds from one line, I'll toss those in a glass of water. If I'm doing a few seeds from multiple lines, I'll put those inside some moist paper towel, sandwiched between two plates.

I am also running a few seeds of Karma Genetics NY Amsterdam Sour, so I chose the paper towel method for this run.

Germination Tools

Back to germination, I have a heat mat, plus some peroxide I can use if the seeds don't pop by day 3. I also have some gibberalic acid, and I'm willing to 'help' the seeds crack using tweezers if need be.

In the next post I'll report back on germination rate and what tools I needed to use.