Dank Drops East Coast Yuzu

East Coast Yuzu has several things going for it: a great grow, plump visuals, good flavor, reusable packaging, and is priced a few bucks cheaper than comparable producers.

Dank Drops East Coast Yuzu

Hey pancakenap here. Thanks for joining me for today's review of Dank Drops’ East Coast Yuzu.

This purchase was impulsive. Initially, I intended to buy a budget-friendly ounce, but my attention was drawn to this large bag in the cabinet. Having seen this brand in a positive review, it was already on my mind. Considering everything in the store was on sale, I decided to take advantage of the discount, even though I was aware that this particular offering was relatively expensive.

What is East Coast Yuzu?

I suspect a cannabis cultivar named East Coast Yuzu doesn't actually exist. Based on the lineage, I'd guess this is actually Liberty Haze by Barney's Farms.

When you Google East Coast Yuzu strain, only this Dank Drops offering does up.


There is a Yuzu cultivar from Calyx Bros with the lineage (MK-Ultra x Creamsicle) X Lemon Fizz F2. Based on common cannabis nomenclature, one might expect "East Coast Yuzu" to be a cross of Calyx Bros' Yuzu and East Coast Sour Diesel, but there's no evidence to suggest that's the case here.

East Coast Yuzu

According to Dank Drops, the lineage of this product has nothing to do with Yuzu or East Coast Sour Diesel, it's a cross of G13 and Chemdawg. The same lineage as Barney's Farms Liberty Haze. The grower is Truth Holdings. We saw many other Barney's Farms offerings from Truth through United Greeneries in 2018.

We can only speculate that the East Coast flavor is derived from Chemdawg, even though it's only distantly related to the actual East Coast Sour Diesel line. G13 is a legendary cultivar, supposedly developed by the government for its high THC values. However, I would argue that it holds little relevance when provincial boards are selecting marketable cannabis based on THC levels.

Nevertheless, this feels more like a renaming, which is particularly disappointing if you were hoping to encounter a descendant of Yuzu and East Coast Sour Diesel.

Genotyping as a Solution

One solution to this issue is offered by genotyping or chemical fingerprinting. Consumers could have independent data that describes the relationship between East Coast Yuzu and Barney's Liberty Haze based on the each plant's genetic makeup.

The process could make a clear determination if the two plants are closely related, identical clones or completely unrelated. We have many renames and misnomers in the Canadian market, but there are also new cultivars being created by producers. I argue for genotyping becoming a market prerequisite; the extra transparency is beneficial to all consumers and necessary in some situations.

Dank Drops Packaging is a 125mL Bernardin Glass Jar

Bernardin has these 125ml jars. They're cute, and functional which, when food and safety are abundant, is what life is all about. In a flat of 12 they cost about a buck and change. I use them personally and would argue they are the best method of storing your cannabis.

Dank Drops packages their cannabis in these 125mL jars and it's great that they do that because the packaging is reusable. They're also the first to use this method of packaging.


Upon opening it, I felt a bit disappointed due to the unsaturated color and the presence of trim leaves left on the larger buds. The buds looked reasonably good, but the yellowed trim leaves were a noticeable flaw. Despite this, the overall visual appeal is decent. There are three buds, fairly well trimmed, with good surface detail. It meets expectations, and considering the price, one should expect the best.


The feel was great. Upon closer inspection, the buds have a slight airiness at the outer perimeter of their crust, but they impress well and grind favorably.


Scents are a fairly subtle gassy citrus with some watery floral tones that cover some upbeat spices. I’d describe it as an OG that offers some softer sides from the florals, but it’s very pine and gas heavy with the citrus undertones.


The watery florals translate into the taste, where they dilute the citrus aspect with some clean herb and fresh spice. The character is interesting because it comes off as an equal balance of American OG tones and watery floral skunks that you might associate with some European offerings.


East Coast Yuzu has several things going for it: a great grow, plump visuals, good flavor, reusable packaging, and the price I got it for was a few bucks cheaper than comparable producers. I look forward to buying another offering from Dank Drops that has the same quality and a bit more transparency.

Product Stats

The date of this review was November 17, 2023, which was 15 days after the purchase.

Package Date

I purchased this product on November 2, 2023, and the packaging date was August 28, 2023. This means it spent approximately 66 days in the package, which is about 32.6% less than the average we observe in the recreational market, typically around 97.97 days.


The cannabinoid content is indicated as 28.6% THC and 0.0% CBD. This is 20.9% higher than the average we've observed during the course of these reviews, which typically hovers around 20.9% THC combined with CBD.

Terpene content is shown as 5.44% which is 84.8% higher than the average we usually see on the package (2.94% of any terpene).


According to the CannStandard data, the average price for a 3.5g package of cannabis is $32.59 or $9.31 per gram.

Market average for a 3.5 gram package of cannabis

I paid $36.54 or $10.44 per gram for this Dank Drops product. I typically pay $9.29 per gram which puts this Dank Drops product about 12% higher than the average I usually pay.

Dank Drops Review History

This is the 1st Dank Drops product I've reviewed so the stats given above stand; they're about 12% higher than the average I usually pay for this package size.

Four 20 Purchase History

I've made 7 purchases at Four 20, totalling $288.03. Among these purchases, 3.5-gram packages of flower averaged $8.80 per gram, which is 5.3% lower than our average spending on 3.5-gram packages, set at $9.29 per gram.

On average, the flower products I've purchased from Four 20 have spent approximately 241 days in the package before purchase. This is about 146% higher than the average packaging time we currently observe, which is around 98 days.

Market Information

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Days Active

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Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Provinces Listed

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Cumulative Sales

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Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

November Top Selling Products

This product ranked didn't rank on CannStandard's flower top 30 sellers list for November 2023.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

November Top Selling Brands

Dank Drops didn't place on our estimate of flower brand market share in November 2023.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023


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