Natural History Supreme Grapes

Natural History Supreme Grapes


It’s Squid Pants here checking out a grapey offering today, Natural History Supreme Grapes.  I like grape tastes, I like cannabis, I have all the motivation I need so let’s see how it was.

Supreme Grapes

Supreme Grapes is bred by In House Genetics.  The parents are Slurricane #44 x Purple Punch.  The theme here is simple, sweet fruity flavours, which is right up my alley.  The Natural History website broke down the ancestors a bit further than I did, suffice it to say there’s some great genetics represented here.

Natural History

Natural History is a brand under Atlas Growers.  One of the best carts I ever had was from Altas Growers so started out optimistic here.

Their website is mostly nonsense corporate buzzwords smooshed together into sentence like strings of gibberish, so you really learn nothing about the company on it.  For what it’s worth OCS lists them as a craft producer, but as discussed before the designation has only a few criteria so doesn’t tell the complete story.


This offering is in a matte black mylar bag with a really shiny sticker on the front for the label.  That last bit made the front really difficult to photograph.

Comes with a humidicant pack.  I am generally pro-humidicant packs but some feel they affect taste or scent.

Package lists total THC at 20.5%, CBD at 0.07% and total cannabinoids at 24.3%.  What the other cannabinoids that make up the balance are is not disclosed.  Terpenes measure 2.2% with the three dominant terpenes being Farnesene, Limonene and Trans-Caryophyllene.

This was packaged on July 4th, 2022 and I opened it 159 days later.


Looks are generally really nice.  Great trichome coverage, very nice trim and some beautiful colouration of dark purples and rich oranges.  Shape is plump and Christmas tree-like.  The exception is that one teeny bit of larf in there, that’s the kind of bud you send for use in extractions, you don’t add it to a bag.  Out of the grinder the grinds are uneven with poor cohesion.


This is dense and holds together under strong pressure.  Surface feels a bit dry but I suspect that’s more due to it being winter here in Ontario and can’t be helped.  Just under the surface humidity feels great.  Puts up good resistance in the grinder, but as mentioned, grinds themselves are not ideal.  Rolls into a joint satisfactorily.


Strongly concord grapes.  However, that’s pretty well all she wrote, concord grape with a bit of fuel and a hint of earths, all amplified a bit after grinding.  This isn’t majorly loud but it’s not a weak scent either.


So here’s the thing.  First time I tried this there was almost no taste.  Half a bud went to the vaporizer and the other half went into a joint.  Both were almost completely without taste.  Then I tried a different bud, half in vaporizer and half in a joint, and this second time it was much better (though still not that great).  I am employing a variation of the principle of charity, if I can really stretch the meaning here, and am only directly commenting on the better buds.

Volcano:  Grape taste is present but faint.  Supporting roles are subtle earths and faint fuels.  Not the world’s most complex palate there, but it’s nice.  The problem is intensity, it’s starts quiet and fades to nothing fast.

Joint:  Dry pull was nice and grapey.  After lighting I was getting creamy grape, but fainter than I would hope.  Lack of strong pronunciation means the taste of combustion products occluded the tastes that were present somewhat quickly.

Price and Value

This was purchased from the OCS for $36.95 for a half quarter.  That works out to $10.56 a gram and $5.15 per 100mg of THC.

It’s quite difficult to claim there is a compelling argument for value to be found here.  The good buds are good, not great, and the bad ones are tasteless and I should mention those also burned harshly.  Neither the price per gram nor the price per 100mg of THC are terribly great.  I just can’t recommend this.


This is really very similar to Organicraft Platinum Grapes, which isn’t a surprise, but in direct comparison the Natural History offering just has less magnitude all around at best, and is flavourless (and not clean burning) at worst.  If it’s within your budget, pay the premium for the Organicraft Platinum Grapes, it’s a huge jump up in quality.