OGEN Gas Berries #112

OGEN Gas Berries #112

Hello, thanks for joining me for this review, for Bloom Cultivation’s Gas Berries #112, which is sold under the brand OGEN.

Bud Size

You’ll see in the pictures, my package was half shake and popcorn. Since I did this review, I’ve been really paying attention to social media posts of OGEN product, I haven’t been able to find one yet that looks the same as mine.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that received something like this from OGEN. And, certainly not the last time I will receive a bad bottle during the course of these reviews. But I still really enjoyed this flower, so this one, in particular, does make me feel like I wasn’t invited to the cool kid’s birthday party, and everyone else in the class was.

Bud size matters, to a certain limit. There should be a minimum standard, and I’d argue this is below that. So I pushed it pretty far down in my index, harder than I would have if there were seeds.

Bulk Discount

One element I didn’t touch on in the value proposition section of the formal review was the benefit and attraction of the bulk discount, OGEN offers these in 3.5g and 28g packages, with a 30% bulk discount (rounding up). For existing buyers, it’s a channel into larger purchases (unless the package looks like mine). And for prospective buyers, the 3.5g offering may entice those buying the cheap ounce from the value brands, or elsewhere. 


Purchased this one on sale, my guess is it was older product, and you can see that reflected in the # of days packaged; it’s older than average. Since then all offerings from this brand have moved to this lower price point (from high $30’s to low $30’s in Alberta).

Taste is the high point here. Bud size was the low point. The packaging was notable too.

Hope you enjoy the review