Dinafem Amnesia XXL, grown by Hot Carld

Dinafem Amnesia XXL, grown by Hot Carld

Back again with another Hot Carld, this is a Dinafem bred auto flowering variety.

Geneology is given as Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia Auto.

I think this particular flower was grown outdoors, where the breeder says each plant yields 100-250 grams within 90 days (late October harvest).


The flowers have an angular shape, coming to a pointy tip. although not numerous in count the stigmas are quite prominent, sticking out proud from the surface of the flower. Colouring remains standard green and orange, although I do notice some purple hues forming at the very underside of the flower.


The scent of the flowers is spicy, over a near-nutty backer with greasy undertones. The character seems to be oily in some parts, although the spicy elements draw the nose away from that conclusion.


Flavours are bright, with a shallow amount of soapy citrus, that is almost imperceptible amongst the intense amount of spice over a backer of sandy woods. Dries down into some very smooth woodsy earth tones that are quite enjoyable in itself.


I found the tastes true to the Amnesia name, generally.  I think it offers better advantage to those wanting sativa-type tastes without the lanky plant and a 14 week indoor flowering time.

By my read of the description, this plant may not behave like an auto flower, with a set time period of growth, but more like a traditional photoperiod, which flowers seasonally outdoors. From the info the breeder gives, this 3rd generation auto flower doesn’t seem like an endeavour to make an auto flowering plant, rather an attempt to shorten the flowering time required for their Amnesia, using ruderalis crosses instead of a short flowering indica.

Thanks to Hot Carld for sending this set of flowers in, we still have a few more to look at from his grow last year.