Liiv Buddha Haze

Liiv Buddha Haze

CannTrust’s offering of Budda Haze or Paradise’s Nebula has some good flavours but is somewhat visually unappealing and compromised by numerous premature seeds.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for the review of this haze… oh, never mind, this is Paradise’s Nebula.

I want to like CannTrust. They have a mildly attractive genetic offering, and it has my interest, somewhat. Although I really liked their Gold Kush, I’ve seen some really poor quality from them in recent past.

Today we review their Nebula, which is bred by Paradise Seeds. By my count there are 2 other licensed producers that offer Nebula, with a pretty wild range in price. THC Biomed has their Nebula available for $6 per gram. Highest price I can find it is at Emerald for $10 per gram. Paradise also has a CBD chemotype of their Nebula, many producers grow it, we’re just talking about the THC dominant offering here.

Paradise notes their Nebula provides sativa based effects with sweet and fruity tastes. This cultivar won several awards in the 00’s and I feel is generally well regarded in Europe. Popularity likely exists for the cultivar in North America too, but in much smaller magnitude.

I’ve actually spent a lot of time with Nebula. Before I grew cannabis, back when BTC was valued under a dollar, I purchased a QP of Nebula for about $500 and change. Spent the entire summer with it. You can also look back to one of my earlier reviews of THC Biomed’s Nebula.

Let’s get into CannTrust’s offering of Nebula, or as they call it, Buddha Haze.

Visuals are poor on this Nebula or Buddha Haze, it looks ragged. Buds are loose and scant with stems. The trim is lacking, which doesn’t help.

Look back to CannTrust’s Gold Kush which I reviewed in October of 2018, it looks great. Now look to the subsequent CannTrust reviews of both offerings of Warlock, they look bad. This Nebula is on par with the Warlocks, I anticipate we’ll see some seed in these grinds.

Buds are loose and airy, but actually maintain good moisture content. I can squeeze these without them falling apart, returning back slightly when the pressure is released.

This Nebula flower grinds to an adequate consistency. Not sure what the RH of the container was before I reviewed this but it would have been good to know.

These Nebula grinds contain numerous tiny premature seeds. I find seeds in cannabis quite often now, about a third of the time. Most are small and undeveloped. I wouldn’t feel comfortable smoking seedy cannabis, that’s why I use a vaporizer.

Scent of these flowers are primarily longer notes of soured citrus, they translate as slightly opaque and unmoving. Some spices are present in the low tones of the profile, perhaps why this is interpreted as a haze.

Flavours here are sharp and citrus based, acute and penetrating, leaning stringent and clean. The opacity of the fruit maintains the crisp taste throughout. I’d argue this lacks any perceivable character of a haze, no bold spices or woodsy haze notes to speak of. Very familiar to the Nebula flavours I know, which is not a bad thing.

Like recent reviews of CannTrust’s cannabis, the visuals on this Nebula were pretty bad, but the tastes were acceptably good. I’m going to rationalize the error, so I have to preface by saying something like: at this price ($10.99 per gram) something of this quality is a rip-off. But, as with the Warlocks, there’s still flavour content to be enjoyed here, I have to mention that, begrudgingly.

This Nebula was $10.99 per gram, its most expensive in the province I bought it in. The value proposition was a flop for me, I’d tell you to check out THC BioMed’s version for $6 per gram. But if you’re in Ontario, you can buy this CannTrust Nebula in the $7 per gram range, which makes it more attractive.

This is my 8th review of a CannTrust product, 5 of those included cannabis seed to some degree. Said another way, I’ve spent $89.78 on products produced by CannTrust, seedy cannabis represents $55.99 of the total (62%). Although I did get some value from the 62% affected by seed, I certainly don’t feel like I received what I paid for.

Anyways, like I said at the beginning, I want to like CannTrust. Their new releases have been consistent, catching my interest each time, but considering the quality of their cannabis, it usually only leads to disappointment.

Thanks for reading this review.