Sunset by Tweed (LBS)

Sunset by Tweed (LBS)

We have Tweed’s Sunset to do today. They sell this one under their LBS brand because Leafs by Snoop is illegal to say. We have a single gram, packaged February 20th 2019, and here we all are, 63 days later talking about it.

Tweed doesn’t give any information about what specific cultivar this is, which is easy to write about, but somewhat disappointing to use. So we know little about it, aside from the name and morphology (indica). From the relative terpene amounts shown on the Alberta Cannabis site, this is mycrene dominant… Doesn’t tell us anything about how much mycrene, but whatever, I seem to be the only one that cares about that type of thing.

We’ve reviewed this in pre-roll form before, I viewed it as ‘good’, and found the scents attractive while performing the review. So I’ve been looking forward to trying this in whole flower.

Cannabinoid content is 23% THC with negligible CBD for Sunset. Listed content varies from 18%-28% and our package landed in the middle of that range.

The stats on this one are geared towards someone who might appreciate cannabis at face value. Silly questions like; what cultivar is this? how much mycrene does it make? and why is it $14.95 per gram? have no appropriate answer. And we proceed into the review having gained this acceptance.

Visuals are acceptable, but nothing more. Trichome coverage is noticeable but the morphology isn’t robust. My single gram came as 7-10 smaller buds. These look broken down from a larger cola, which doesn’t do it any favours, but for those wanting to look at it up close, I’d say it shows fairly well.

By touch, this Sunset is crispy. As I write this while my Volcano is broken and I have to use my Plenty, I have come to enjoy a drier bud because it allows me to vaporize on a lower temperature, lessening the irritation I perceive from the back up vaporizer. For those smoking this product, you may notice a decrease in quality because of the dryness.

Here’s the grinds.

Scents of this flower are like a dewy forest, musty with overwhelming dampness. The Caryophyllene appears in the subtext if you ask me. There is some spice here, but it doesn’t have the reach of the muskier notes. Overall, the composition has a mature presence, with slow character, like a sloth voiced by James Earl Jones.

The heat from the vaporizer brings out the spices in this profile bringing aromatic woods into the composition. I also sense some greener notes here, which blend nicely to the primary notes in the profile. Somewhat mature and masculine, the character here is warm and inviting, with a nice amount of comfort.

Price is $14.95 for a single gram of this Sunset. For something priced this high, I expect above average product quality and attractive genetics. I’d call product quality here mid range, wasn’t notably bad or good, but should have been much better for this price.

Check the Sunset numbers, they aren’t that attractive. Looks like this is cheapest in BC, NL, ON and Quebec. New Brunswick and Alberta get it the worst.

There is likeable olfaction here, but I’d still tell you there is better listings to splurge on. This price point is shared by many of the Broken Coast offerings, but you can find better quality for less money. I tried ABCann’s Fireside Red for $12.50 per single gram, I thought quality was better than what we saw here from Sunset.