North 40 El Gordo

North 40 El Gordo

Hey there, pancakenap here writing about some flower I purchased at North 40 called El Gordo.


The was a really nice, gassy OG Kush with a some well rounded earth tones playing secondary which give the flavour profile a big body. Both bud size and flavour varied slightly in the 7 gram package I went through, which are the sole points of criticism I had and neither are a reason to miss this offering.

Development was good throughout, even on the smaller buds. I found 4.37g of appreciable sized buds and the remaining 2.58g were smaller sized buds. Still, it’s a far cry from what you’d see from Carmel or Organnicraft.

Flavour varied with some buds. I got pronounced notes of pool cleaner and dank pine on some buds, while others came with a really gassy high side over a base of earthy flavours. I wouldn’t relate this was a bad thing, the taste varied but I liked everywhere it took me. Just something to note. 

El Gordo

This is called El Gordo, which I assumed was a reference to Gord, North 40’s head grower. I’ve had this around for a few weeks and I’ve just been calling it ‘The Gord’, but when I googled it for this review I learned ‘El Gordo’ means ‘Fat’ in Spanish. Anyhow, probably time for me to get back to work on Duolingo

North 40

Being a North 40 client feels like it could be an ideal position between price, quality and customer service. It feels less like being a client at a medical provider and more like having a personal grower. Here are a couple examples of why I say that:

  • You order off a spreadsheet via email.
    • They’re developing a few other alternatives but the spreadsheet is the best method for the level of detail and cost. I think you can also phone them.
  • Gord answers the phone.
    • I called the day after submitting my documents to push the application through and was surprised to get Gord. He passed me off to Thelma, who processes these applications. I was approved that day and had submitted my docs 8pm the day before.
  • Quality is superior.
    • Quality comes from two avenues: North 40 grow quality and Occo’s genetic selection. Occo has developed all these attractive creations and North 40 produces great cannabis reliably. That’s like listening to great music on really expensive speakers. The best, filtered through the best.
  • Unit prices are fair. 
    • I’d generalize to say you’re pretty much paying $10 per gram. Bulk discounts are about 10% on the stuff North40 grows and more on the micro-grown flower they offer. Said another way: ounce packages of North 40 stuff are $250+ but they also offer micro product with a better bulk discount.
  • You pay for shipping.
    • Seems to be no ceiling for free shipping, you pay $19.99 each time. It’s a hurdle when contemplating a purchase. 
  • You pay by e-transfer
    • They appear to have alternative payments through their Dutchie menu but I haven’t tested it yet
  • Good reviewers seek North 40 and review their product

I’d buy this again. It’s on my top 5, it’s fifth but it deserves to be higher up. My current top #2 and #3 are both GMO-centered and do well on our criteria just by their loud nature. This also has some GMO in it, but it takes a backset to allow some of the other notes to come through and it makes for a great blend of attractive flavours. As I tire of regular GMO, these GMO hybrids are a welcome development along the line.

Thanks for reading the review