Okanna Craft Mac Flurry

Okanna Craft Mac Flurry

Hey pancakenap here with Okanna Craft’s Mac Flurry, which is sold under the BC Black brand. Joint Venture Craft Cannabis is shown as the producer. 


Pretty quick narrative here. This is excellent cannabis that will hit high marks in most of the sensory elements consumers look at; chunky buds, has purple, good feel and a wealth of taste. Much of its olfaction strays from the popular trend of flavours but what it does, it does well. Its dissimilarity to much of the sweet and gassy flavour profiles in the market may be an attractor to some, but I wasn’t sure myself.


I’d naively recommend this to someone who likes a hazes. This Mac Flurry flavour profile has a green herbal character, with cream and spice secondary notes. Those tired of Kush and cookies may find this fresh and unique. I wasn’t really onboard until the more volatile notes had evolved to leave a creamy citrus jelly that I thought was really tasty. Even though it had its good sides, I’m not sure the profile was enough for me to come back and pick through its intricacies. Still, folks that want to be slapped by something with atypical flavour may find this worth a stop.

Purchase Stats

I paid $35 for this 3.5g package mid October. Content is said to be 29.9% THC. Terpene content is 2.14%. Package size is 3.5 grams and I found the contents weighed 3.56 grams. Packaging date is said to be July 13 2022 and I found a cute little humidity pack inside.

Thanks for reading the review today. I wrestle with telling you I like the profile. I’m not sure if the average person would like it but it’s well grown and has its attractive sides none-the-less. If you’ve never been a fan of my picks, this one might be for you.