Milk Runtz

Milk Runtz

Hey pancakenap here, thanks for joining me. We’re looking at Milk Runtz.

I was shopping one Friday, and I got a email on a sale from one the the vendors I follow. One of the items on sale was over my usual purchase amount for these reviews, but I thought it would be a good thing to get anyways. You know, to round out the dataset, and possibly use it as a point of conversation later, when I’m involved in an argument with someone on Reddit.

This listing was billed as AA quality by the vendor, and on sale for 20% off.

Previous to this review I had never heard of Milk Runtz, and have no experience with Cannarado’s Cereal Milk, or Runtz, the popular Gelato, Zkittlez cross; which are the parents here, I assume.


Cereal Milk x Runtz, I assume. Searched around but couldn’t find a breeder on this one.

Buyer Motivation

Price was the main motivator, the unit rate is almost 1000% below my current average per gram price paid. I also wanted to try Milk Runtz.


Generally satisfactory quality, certain elements vary across the package, while others don’t.


Shape and density are good throughout, most of the buds are appealing. Trim is fairly good on the larger buds, and becomes ratty on the sides, especially on smaller buds. Details are a bit lacklustre, but some nice colouring shows up in a few areas. I found a few hairs while inspecting the buds, they’re white, I’m guessing it’s a pet. No bugs or plant fibre, I’m guessing this is indoor.


The feel is great, soft and spongey.


Not comprised of overly pungent notes, the profile is creamy, tarnished by fruit and earthy spice, but its depth is lost very quickly, and becomes tasteless. There are hints towards the gritty earths of a gelato, and the funky berry you might see from a Zkittlez or Cereal Killer, but both characters elude the palate.


I use a Volcano vaporizer for these reviews with a bag attachment. Most offerings I can fill two bags with good tasting vapour. Good offerings go 2 – 4 cycles. There are some that last longer. Most of the time this Milk Runtz is one and done.

As a result, I called olfaction ‘bad’, which it is at some points, but at times I could say it’s neutral. Never is it good though.

Quality Summary

I called visuals neutral, feel good and the scent/taste bad; earning it a solid D, which I think it deserves. Quality meets the bare minimum, but leaves a lot to be desired.


Value is calculated using the quality of the offering, and the price paid against the average for the package size, as well as the product type. The price on this listing was more than two times lower than the lowest price in my purchase database, so the lack of quality has little an impact on the calculation. As such, value is calculated as ‘rarified’ and I wouldn’t necessarily argue with that. I have my complaints about the quality, but still feel like the value for money is very much on the consumer’s side.


The price is really low, I don’t see too many retail listings for $1 grams. That’s under $30 per ounce, and I don’t see too many of those either. There’s a bundle legal ounce offerings in the $2 per gram range, which makes for an ~$80 ounce, or just over 2.5 times ($1280 more) the price if you were to buy 16 ounces at $80 each.

Variety is an appropriate measure when considering price at this package size. If equal quality was negligible, is it beneficial to pay more for variety, and if so, how much?

Quality is the more important measure, both the Milk Runtz and the comparable were blind buys, so I wasn’t able to determine the quality before purchase and I was somewhat disappointed by both.