Sauce Tire Fire OG Live Rosin

Sauce Tire Fire OG Live Rosin

Hey thanks for joining me today, I'm looking at Sauce's Tire Fire OG Live Rosin, purchased from Mendo Market at their Black Friday sale last year.


The presentation was straightforward with the Mylar bag, but the jar itself is quite impressive. I plan to keep it after use; it's deep, and the one gram of rosin doesn't take up much of the jar's volume. This jar will be usable for at least 3 to 4 grams of rosin after the initial product is finished. One notable feature is the dark-coloured, UV-resistant glass, making it one of the better containers I've come across.


Upon opening the jar of rosin, the immediate scent is somewhat subtle but still carries a pleasant OG-type character. There appears to be a slightly wet terpene layer, which I would consider a positive aspect and an indication it may be particularly flavourful. Comparing it to some other rosins I'm currently reviewing, which are a bit dryer, I'm curious to see if this one offers a more pronounced taste. Given the higher price point, I do expect a richer flavour experience.

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At first, I was taken aback by the flavor profile, which seemed more akin to mineral-rich water than cannabis rosin. However, with time, I came to appreciate the subtle nuances it offered. Despite this, I can't say I hold it in high regard, and I probably wouldn't purchase it again for this reason. However, in terms of performance, it delivered exceptionally well, providing a lot of flavour, albeit in a very peculiar way.

Date Packaged

Going back a bit for this one. I purchased it during the Mendo Black Friday sale. According to the packaging date, it spent 35 days in the package before it reached me.


The price with a 20% discount was $51, and that’s still about 9% higher than what I've usually paid for 1 g of rosin.

Terpene Content

The total terpene content was shown at 6.9%, which is about 6.9% lower than the average terpene content shown on our rosin purchases, which right now stands at 7.42% of any terpene.

Cannabinoid Content

The cannabinoid content was 76.4% THC, which is 6.2% higher than what we're tracking right now for our rosin purchases, which is 72%.


Thanks for reading! See you one the next one.