Pure SunFarms Jet Fuel Gelato

Pure SunFarms Jet Fuel Gelato

pancakenap here, with Pure SunFarms Jet Fuel Gelato.

Pure SunFarms

I like writing reviews of Pure SunFarms products because whether you like them or not, they’re a pillar in the Canadian cannabis industry. I’m always interested in what they’re putting out, at what price, or what they’ll do next.

My first Pure SunFarms review was in 2020, I was really eager to write about the product because the price trend in the market was different and their price points were disruptive. Quality wasn’t the best, but still more than acceptable, enough to focus on the disparity between the going unit rate for legal cannabis and the price point that Pure SunFarms entered. 

Now the scene is different; there is less distance between between Pure SunFarms and everyone else, price wise. Qualitatively, I think things went the other way; Pure SunFarms quality has decreased since their entrance to the market.

From a consumer’s perspective, there’s the bottom end of quality with high value; which is where I would lovingly place the offering we review here today. We also have the high side of the market, where could pay triple than the price point in this review ($19, 3.5g).

What’s happened since my first review of Pure SunFarms is the average market price has slid so much that some of the offerings on the high priced side are now available within 25% of the high value stuff — there’s a strong potential for better quality for slightly more money.

So what’s the point of saving 25% over average prices on a pack of something that’s more than 50% less quality than average?  It’s a hard question to answer, especially since price is known to the consumer prior to purchase, and quality is not. I don’t think it’s a surprise that Pure SunFarm’s products are nearly always the best selling products in the market overall, and make the top 5 of many stores. But what I have noticed lately, amongst the store closures and deep discounts, is the accumulation of high quality product under the $30 per 3.5g mark and I wonder when, or if consumers will notice.

Jet Fuel Gelato

I got this one on discount at Alberta Cannabis’ closing sale.


Price for this offering ($18.39) was about 43% lower than the average for a 3.5g package in Alberta in 2022 ($31.99). It’s also 48% lower than the average set by all purchases made by contributors ($35.03).


This is a mix of Gelato 45 x High Octane OG and Jet Fuel OG.


Breeder is Compound Genetics.


I gave the offering 29 out of a total 70 points. This was about 36% lower than my current average points awarded (40) and 28% lower than the average points awarded across the 3 reviewers contributing to the database currently. 

Visuals and Feel

Both visuals and feel on this offering failed to meet the average set by other offerings in the database.

Visuals received the poorest marks 5, where the current average is 9.31. The buds appear poorly trimmed and scraggly. Size is small. Development looks ok on some buds and there is noticeable trichome coverage on some.

Feel is acceptable, the small buds didn’t destruct under pressure.

Scent and Taste

Scent and taste were also rated below average.

Scents were cool menthol on ambiguous pine. Projection is low. I rated it 11 out of 20, compared to the current average of 13.46 of 20.

Taste was really poor. I rated it 7/25, which is less than half of the current average of 15.85/25.


The product came at about a 45% discount over average prices but was evaluated at about a third lower quality than average. 

Read below under ‘buyer motivation’, I chose to buy this offering to see if it was similar to an OGEN offering I enjoyed, that is supposedly the same genetics (although I’ve seen some info since that suggest it’s not). Either way, the olfaction of the Pure SunFarm offering was so ambiguous it’s hard to tell if they’re similar.


Cheap, consistent flower. Available everywhere.


Regrettable quality. 


Discount price, name of this offering seems to be popular lately.


Blind purchase, wasn’t able to judge the quality before hand.