Kolab Project I.C.C.

Kolab Project I.C.C.

One dimensional, faint taste and tons of pseudoscientific marketing nonsense are the hallmarks of this I.C.C. cartridge from Kolab Project.  It’s Squid Pants here taking a bullet for all you good people.


My guess is here I.C.C. is meant to stand for Ice Cream Cake, but in reality it doesn’t matter.  Call it whatever, International Criminal Court, Icky Creamy Compost, Isolation Caused Craziness, whatever.  This is THC distillate (or an ethanol extraction, depending on where you look so really who knows), so the only cannabinoid at all in there is THC mixed with a botanical sourced terpene, as in one terpene that came from a plant that is definitely not cannabis.  In this case it’s Limonene, source plant not disclosed.  This is an “inspired by” flavour, not an actual full spectrum extract.  This makes all sorts of the nonsense on the package label irrelevant.  It claims it’s “indica” which is irrelevant since no matter what feed plant they used for distillation, the only molecule claimed is good old delta 9 THC so no, no plant specific effects here.  It also says “Live Terpene Cartridge”.  This literally means nothing at all, ignore it too.  Finally this is part of their 232 Series of products.  The so-called meaning of this number is, and I have to quote this gibberish; “232°C is the mid-range temperature at which terpenes boil, maximizing the flavour profile and natural experience of the plant through balanced, consistent heat activation.”  Limonene boils at 176 °C and THC in a range of around 155–160°C so, yeah, it’s also nonsense.


Whatever this product actually is, it was brought to you by Kolab Project, which is a brand under Dosecann.


Cardboard packaging, not terribly reusable but appears to be completely recyclable.  So there’s something positive here.


Oil is a nice pale amber, no complaints there but colour tells little.  Viscosity is respectable.  Cartridge itself is solidly built of strong materials, somewhat oversized.  Bit more stylish than most such carts but the style expressed just isn’t me.  All style, no substance.


It tastes like Limonene.  Faintly.  I have no problem with that taste, but that’s it, and you will have to really focus to detect it.  I suspect they simply added just enough Limonene to get their desired viscosity and that’s it.  It emphatically does not taste like the cultivar claimed.

Price and Value

There is nothing special about this and the consumption experience is lackluster in the extreme.  The good news is literally the only metrics that matter are price per 0.1 grams and price per 100mg of THC as there are no qualitative attributes to factor in.  This is simple THC delivery and that’s it.

I got this on special at Fire and Flower for $38.42 tax included.

Price per 0.1g for what I paid is about $7.68.

Price per 100mg THC again at the price I paid is $9.73.

Any cart that offers lower prices in those metrics is a better buy, period.



There are a few good things I can say, the construction of the cartridge itself seems adequate and it doesn’t leak.  Contents readily vapourize so can set your battery to a very low setting and still get satisfying draws.  Also there are no dangerous ingredients.

Everything else sucks, the price even on special was unconscionably high for what the contents actually are, the cart clogs easily on top of everything else and the marketing nonsense sounds like the sort of pseudoscientific nonsense peddlers of quackery and cult leaders spout.

Everything cheaper is a better choice.

Cannot recommend.