Qwest Reserve MAC 1

Qwest Reserve MAC 1

Hey pancakenap here, doing Capulator’s MAC1, and this grow was done by Qwest and packaged under their Reserve brand.

This product isn’t something I’d usually select for these reviews, because of the price point. But I saw it on sale at the provincial retailer (50% off) and thought I would grab it for a review.

I’ve also started to consider buying more expensive products more often. In hopes it’s helpful for consumers reading this website. Keeping in mind it’s just one person’s opinion (sometimes two, thanks to Squid Pants), sometimes it’s helpful when someone buys the expensive stuff ahead of you. So I have two more reviews of products by Qwest Reserve in the works.

This one is a quick review; only two relevant points to mention:

  • About half of the 3.5g package came as smalls or popcorn, and I was really surprised at that from a ‘Reserve’ branded product.
  • The contents of the package are unusable, due to a taint in the taste. I am not certain about other cannabis from this lot, but I’d tell you something went wrong with this package in particular.
Humidiccant Pack

This offering came with an Integra branded humidiccant pack.

Buyer Motivation

Sale was the motivator. Regular price for this item at the store I bought it from (Alberta Cannabis) is $66 for a 3.5g package. Sale price was $32 for this review, which is inline with the average price I’ve paid for this package size.


The buds are triangular in shape but jagged along the surface of the bud. Colouring goes from lime green to near black violet. Trim is near perfect, there’s a few buds with prominent stem. Good trichome coverage is readily observable. I rated visuals bad, for the smaller buds that were included in the package.


Feel was very good.


Smell is skunky tropical fruit with near rubber tire.


Tastes are creamy pine occluded by harsh rubber and dusty motor oil.


I’m not sure if this flower was overly oxidized, tainted with residue, an error in my own handling or something to do with the humidiccant pack. At the end of the day I used enough to determine that there was something wrong with it. The rest is left unused.

I was shocked that small buds were included in this ‘reserve’ product. The regular price of this product is triple the historical average for the package size, and I think consumers can reasonably expect only apical nodes at this price.

I rated it bad for visuals, good for feel, and bad for olfaction.


I wasn’t able to find value with this offering.

Value is calculated with respect to quality found and price paid, and was calculated to be ‘poor’. Because I can’t use the product, calling it ‘poor’ value seems inaccurate; ‘no’ value would be more accurate to my experience.


I’d take my olfactory findings here with a grain of salt. The package was old, and there are several reasons that may have contributed to bad scent and taste. For those considering purchasing from this brand, my findings may be irrelevant. 

I think there should be an ultra luxury edge of the market where someone could pay 6x the average rate if they wanted to. In an ideal world, consumers would get an ultra premium product with limited availability. I’d tell you this doesn’t have either.

Bad olfactory quality aside, the visuals don’t meet the basic minimum. I’m fairly sure how a consumer would feel paying $18 per gram and receiving a collection smalls. I didn’t feel good paying half that.

Brand History

pancakenap has reviewed 3 offerings of Qwest Reserve product totalling to $116.47. Of those reviews, 3 were for a 3.5g package of flower which averages to $11.09 per gram, 19.4% higher than the average for a 3.5g package across all purchases ($9.29 per gram).

Vendor History

pancakenap has made 224 purchases at Alberta Cannabis totalling to $4,156.56. Of those purchases, 67 were for a 3.5g package of flower which averages to $9.15 per gram, -1.6% lower than the average for a 3.5g package across all purchases ($9.29 per gram).

On average, a flower product purchased from Alberta Cannabis has spent 87.6 days in the package before purchase, or -10.5% lower than the average for a purchase from any vendor (97.9 days).

Market Information

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