Dunn Cannabis Screwhead

Dunn Cannabis Screwhead

Dunn Cannabis wows with the appearance and presentation, while providing likeable scent and taste, despite the age of the cannabis being 3 times the average of my purchases.


Hey pancakenap here. Got some Screwhead by Dunn Cannabis. This was sold under the Artisan Batch brand.

StratCann Article

This review starts in November 2020. I was speaking to Logan Dunn about his grow for a StratCann article. At the end of the call I told him I was looking forward to reviewing his stuff.

As I am a professional weed reviewer, I was not going to just buy his stuff and review it. I had to have context first, and to my utter dismay, there were no competing offerings of Screwhead available. Fear not. The traditional market had many offerings of Screwhead at an affordable price.

Check out the review here, if you like. I can catch you up to speed. Quality was lacklustre; not bad, not great. I came to know it as a Chem leaning OG, which didn’t rock my world. I’m not sure if I would be able to separate it from other similar offerings like Deadhead OG, for instance.

A little less than a year later, I see this package of Dunn Cannabis Screwhead OG at a good price, so I jump on it for this review.


Package arrived as one large bud and one single smaller bud to make the weight. The larger bud has great size and rounded shape. Colouring is interesting. Trim is acceptable.


Doughy soft. Still feels fresh.


Scent is gassy pine and kushy earths, which contain a pungent berry note.


Tastes are skunky pine over chemical earths. Much of the grunt from this profile comes from the low end, with the skunky pine playing secondary. With use in the vapourizer it dried down to something similar to a chemdawg leaning OG Kush. Pronunciation and longevity are both good.


I ranked quality A+. Value was calculated to be substantially above average for the 3.5g package size.

Packaging date was back in February. Despite being 3x older than the average of my purchases, I’d relate strongly age didn’t matter in this case. Age is something you can see or taste, it’s not dictated by the package date.

This package was purchased alongside 3 packages of more expensive, ‘reserve’ branded cannabis. I cannot tell you how it felt to open 3x $40 eighths (on sale from $60) and have a random mix of old shrapnel and dusty popcorn come out.

In comparison, this Dunn Cannabis pack was just as old, nearly half the price, and was in near perfect condition. Compared to what I receive on the vast majority of my legal recreational purchases, it felt relieving to open the package and find one large bud, with a small one to make the weight. Sincere thanks to Dunn Cannabis and Joint Venture for that.