Serratus by Tantalus Labs

Serratus by Tantalus Labs

Serratus. This one is my favourite, so this won’t be a review, more of a love letter.

Let’s do a quick time check, we’re at 5:28pm on a cold fall night.

I know little about the lineage for the Serratus. Much of what I can determine comes from my own sensory analysis. Tantalus doesn’t give much information about taxonomy or lineage, which I actually don’t mind in this case. It feels like something new, to me at least, so I’ve had quite a good time guessing what it might be.

So let’s start with scent and flavour profile, this one is quite stimulating, moving through several ranges of taste, from long reaching alkaline pine and rich loam, to almost minty citrus over reduced soft wood tones. On first impression it’s a bit staggering, some of the forward notes are dense, which is challenging, in a sense. But it finishes in such a lovely way, and the profile’s longevity allows for it to be enjoyed. It’s a magnificent orchestration of taste, certainly deserving of the name Tantalus gave it. Bravo.

Serratus looks mean. It lacks some of the deeper colours that you might associate with good bag appeal but take it from me, it looks ferocious. Tantalus named this variety after a notably jagged mountain, but it looks the part due to its fattened calyxes.

The buds are dense, firm and rotund. The calyxes crown upwards to form a series of rigid peaks at the top of the bud. The high quality is more than observable. Looks like it came from a plant that was happily thriving.

I said this was my favourite and it’s absolutely recommendable, but Serratus is just one of many recommendable varieties from this producer. And, if I had to choose just one, it couldn’t be Serratus, because it lacks CBD content. But from visual appeal to the dual layer flavour profile, it hits all the marks to a high degree of excellence.  In terms of character, it shares space with very few varieties available from Canada’s licensed producers. A person seeking unique flavours & quality cannabis would be wise to visit this offering from Tantalus, and add it to their experience. 

Three left to go, check back to the Harlequin review for my thoughts on the Tantalus range and branding. We saved the best 1:1 for last, and we still have two CBD dominant varieties to move though (Cascade and Cannatonic), so see you next time for another review.