Skunk Haze by Tantalus Labs

Skunk Haze by Tantalus Labs

I think this Skunk Haze is the darling of the Tantalus range. The flavour profile is bright and spicy. The buds are chunky. Most importantly, its ~1:1 cannabinoid profile makes it versatile. We’ll talk about all the details below.

This is the 4th review of cannabis from Tantalus Labs, look back to the Harlequin review for thoughts on brand/menu.

Time check; 5:56am, Saturday morning, best work day of the week.

Two notable breeders offer Skunk Haze in this chemotype, CBD Crew and Dutch Passion. Both are Cannatonic, Super Haze crosses. Two Licensed Producers carry the Skunk Haze CBD, CannaFarms is said to use the Dutch Passion variety and I am not sure where the Tantalus variety is sourced from.

The two LP offerings differ in price by ~$2.75 per gram, with the Tantalus variety being more expensive.

The Skunk Haze profile lacks some of the telltale flavours of the varieties it was named after, but some of their best secondary notes have frontage. As I said above, it’s very bright. The base notes are actually comprised of sweet citrus, much like a pear, it interprets flat and bridges the bottom of the profile to a mix of upward spices and peppers. It reduces with use but maintains character with good longevity.

Bag appeal is above average, rivalling the Serratus we just reviewed. One of the buds I received in this container was a 2 gram top. A few smaller buds were present but the majority of what I received looked primo.

And if I had to choose just one of the range, this would be the one. The upward leaning flavour profile with the 2:1 CBD to THC cannabinoid content makes Skunk Haze useful in so many different situations throughout the day and night. Accessible as it is likeable, truly a fast favourite.

Next up, we’ll move to Tantalus’ CBD cultivar, Cascade.