San Rafael '71 Moon Berry

San Rafael '71 Moon Berry

Looking at San Rafael '71's Moon Berry here today. This one is a CBD dominant cultivar produced by Aurora.


The label gives the lineage as Vespera x Equiposa which are two MedReleaf offerings, I believe.


Not great looking but full sized buds with good development. It’s disappointing but what you’d expect for the price point. Not an insult just being realistic.


Feel is really good. Very spongey with good impression and return.


Smell is muted berry with tart topper and grassy lowers.


Taste is bitter grass and neutral earth. Tastes more like a lunar surface than it does a berry. There are faint hues of vanilla and tropical fruit, but it's fairly faint.


I liked this one. Not so much for the tastes, but for the effects. They're cooled-out, and I'd suggest carry much of the positive aspects of a THC dominant cultivar. That's subjective to me, but I'd still recommend checking it out. It's not impressive in any way but does offer some utility.


Thanks for reading this one, see you for the next.