Supernova Space Funk

I could tell this was a quality product at one time, unfortunately it was more than double the age of most products we buy, and it showed. Supernova has some cool genetics and I'd love to see another product from them, in fresher condition.

Supernova Space Funk

In July, I bought several products at the Four20 store in Royal Oak Calgary, which included the Supernova's Space Funk product. All of the items from the purchase turned out to be quite disappointing. Three other products were purchased during the same visit, all of which were quite old and were offered at steep discounts, which set my expectations accordingly. The Space Funk product, was not offered at a discount, it was priced higher than the average for a 3.5g package, but it was also very old and failed to deliver a satisfactory experience.

Which I feel bad saying because the product is clearly well grown and, from visiting Supernova’s website during the research for this review, it’s clear that they know what they’re doing, and they care about their end product.

As a reviewer, it’s my duty to say, in the condition I saw this flower in, the olfactory experience was lacklustre. If I were to take a guess at the culprit, it may be age. It may be the humidity and package or it may be the environment of the store, all I can tell you is after more than double the package time we see for a whole flower in the Canadian cannabis market this flower was poor quality. Which is not alays the case, but was here.

Below, I give my notes on the qualitative review of this product. Then we talk about some of the date and time measurements for this product specifically, in the context of all flower products we’ve purchased during the course of this website.


Clearly well grown. Swollen bracts and looks like it was cut at the perfect time. Lots of open structure but nothing visually concerning in those crevices. Unfortunately the flower is showing signs of age. All trichomes are deep amber.


Still has some structure so it will resist a pinch but will end up crumbling fairly easily. Not great overall.


Has a sweet warm floral berry tone that invites you into some rather caustic skunk, the disparity between the two aromas is fairly thrilling. It’s not loud, it lacks in magnitude overall.


Marred by an aged frontage this profile is actually quite complex with sweet berry, punchy mint and funky earths. The finish is bright and fresh, perhaps hinting at what this once was. Character is subdued and lacking detail.


I could tell this was a quality product at one time, unfortunately it wasn't in its prime by the time I bought it. Supernova has some cool genetics and I'd love to see another product from them, in fresher condition.

Days in Package

Purchased on July 18, 2023 and packaged on November 28, 2022, this package of space funk has spent 232 days in the package before I bought it. That is 134% more than the recreational average. We are tracking of 99 days in package.


Price was $38.34. That’s $10.95 per gram which is 17% higher than the average for a 3.5 g package that we track during the course of these reviews ($9.34 per gram).

Cannabinoid Content

Cannabinoid content with shown at 26.8% THC+CBD which is 30% higher than the average content of our flower purchases 20.6 THC+CBD.

Brand History

This is the first Supernova Farms product I’ve purchased. This product was about 17% higher than what we pay on average for an eighth of cannabis flower ($9.34 per gram).

Store History

I’ve purchased five products so far from this Four20 store totalling $137.60. Of those purchases three were for 3.5g package of cannabis flower which average two $8.25 per gram which is 11% lower than the average we tend to pay for a 3.5 g package for these reviews ($9.34 per gram).

On average the flower product that I purchased from Four20 has spent 336 days in the package before a purchase. That’s 239% higher than the average for all other vendors.


We usually go into the market data from CannStandard, but I couldn't find this particular product in the store. I can find the brand, but not this SKU. I believe this one is Alberta only (for now) and none of the stores we track stock this offering. So that's probably where I'll leave out. Thanks for reading, see you on the next one.