Tweed Houndstooth

Purchased at Four20, this vape cart from Tweed was packaged in 2020 and purchased 3 years later for less than 30% of the average price for this product. The cartridge functions but the distillate inside has an unappetizing layer of oxidation and usage produces fairly uncomfortable effects.

Tweed Houndstooth

Grabbed this cartridge on steep discount from a Four20 store in Royal Oak Calgary that used to be a Tweed store. The interesting part of the review is the product is so old, I'd guess it was purchased by management at the Tweed store in 2020 and it moved over when it became a Four20 a couple years later.


I’m willing to try some subpar cannabis products for this website, but I have to draw the line at this Houndstooth. Just by looking at it, you can tell it isn’t going to be a pleasant experience. Despite its revolting appearance, the taste wasn't actually terrible. However, it did leave a tender sensation in my throat and sinuses afterward, which made it unsuitable for regular use.

Moreover, it seems there's a seal that failed somewhere in the cartridge, as there was a bit of distillate on the outside.

All in all, while I’m sure it had it’s glory days back in 2020, I believe it would be more appropriate to use this particular Houndstooth cartridge as a case study for expired cannabis products, because that's precisely what it seems to be.

Oxidative Layer

In the distillate, there is a noticeable brown layer where the substance interacts with the oxygen inside the cartridge. It appears that the terpenes, comprising approximately 10% of the distillate solution, might have risen to the top layer and oxidized. However, a Twitter user suggested an alternative view, stating that the mixture likely remained homogeneous and oxidized uniformly at the top. I'm not using this vape cartridge, but it would be interesting to see the change in taste when reaching that layer.

This observation ties back to a previous comment shown above made by about stirring the cartridge. Despite trying methods like keeping it in a pocket or using a space heater to warm it up the vape cart looks largely the same nearly a month later.


Four20 had this on discount for $10.99, approximately 70% lower than the the avearage we've paid for a vape cartridge ($36.07 per gram). It's worth noting that the actual mass of the product is only 0.42 grams, making it well below the average. Furthermore, the product quality is extremely bad, making any comparison inappropriate.


The cannabinoid content is indicated to be 83% THC, which surpasses the average of the previously purchased vape carts, which had 82% THC, by 1.5%.

Days Packaged

The Houndstooth cartridge has been packaged for a remarkable 1184 days. In comparison, most of the vape cartridges they purchase typically have spent 252 days in the package. Consequently, this makes the Houndstooth cartridge's packaging duration 368.4% higher than the average.

Tweed History

The individual has now reviewed a total of 10 Tweed branded products. Up to this point, I've spent $171.49 on these products. However, this my first review of a Tweed branded vape cartridge.

Four20 History

So far I've purchased 5 items at Four20, amounting to a total cost of $237.60. This is the first vape cartridge I've purchased from the store, and like I mentioned above, we see it as about 70% below our average price paid for this product type.

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