Valour From MedReleaf

The buds were a collection of well developed smalls with good feel and non-offensive aromatic composition. It ends up being not bad, but Aurora offers higher quality elsewhere for less.

Valour From MedReleaf

Squid Pants here with another medical order. This time it’s an offering from MedReleaf that they call Valour. Well, I’ve recently been called a coward so let’s see if this gives me some bravery.


Valour appears to be bred in house by MedReleaf, and the lineage is listed as Chemdawg X (OG 18 X Skunk). Skunk I assume is Skunk #1 and OG 18 is DNA Genetic's OG Kush offspring that won in the Indica class of The Cannabis Cup in at least 2009 (possibly in 2010 too but I am seeing conflicting information there). They claim this was bred with the help of veterans who suffer from PTSD. Note worthy is they don’t directly claim it does help, it’s just implied.

My bin was packaged on April 4th, 2023 and I opened it the first time a mere 37 days later.


MedReleaf has been around in the medical market for a while. They were bought by Aurora several years ago and several of their offerings were (and I believe still are) available under the recreational brand San Rafael ‘71, though the offerings do not map one-to-one.


A collection of smalls, but well developed and plump. Trim is clearly not by hand but is sufficient if not exemplary, exposing nice dark green buds with good trichome coverage. This isn’t up to premium standards, but it looks fine for mass produced.


Feel is very firm with acceptable return. Satisfying to grind as it’s quite dense and humidity is close to ideal. On the disappointing side it doesn’t seem that sticky.


Sharp Pineapple, skunk and varnish. Not a bad composition but comes off as a bit busy. Projection is moderate and grinding doesn’t amplify it too much.


Hard to pin down. Elements of lemon candy, skunk, pineapple and a vaguely vegetable like note. Composition isn’t offensive, just a little odd and like the scent, overly busy. Also like the scent, intensity is low but at least the taste is present.

Price and Value

As this was part of my first order I got a substantial discount of 30% off so I only paid $8.57 a gram instead of the original price of $12.25 per gram. This is more than I paid for the WMMC Bubba Kush and bluntly the quality, while acceptable enough, is just not in the same tier. This is mass produced with very little to know human care being taken, and does not justify a premium price. This discounted price is about the ceiling for what I would pay for this.


It’s not bad, but from the same vendor I can get higher quality for less. Now this is medical so in the end it’s the effect profile that matters most, and that’s for an individual to determine. If it happens to line up with your medical needs, that’s what’s most important. If you find most products get the effects needed and you are literally picking what you think you’d enjoy best sensory wise then I think from this provider you have better choices for less.