Bud Trendz: Top Products 420 2024

Bud Trendz: Top Products 420 2024

This post outlines the top products in Canadian cannabis over the 420 2024 weekend, based on our analysis of activity on the 6 most prominent subreddits for Canadian cannabis. We've summarized the top level data across several charts. The raw data in CSV is available for download at the end of this post.

From top trending products to notable posts and author contributions, this snapshot provides a look at what was popular in the community over the 420 weekend this year.

420 Top Products

The top trending product over the 420 weekend was Simply Bare’s Fruit Loopz, released in British Columbia. This post was crossposted across three subreddits, garnering significant attention, comments, and upvotes. 

A series of posts on the OCS about home grow has been an intriguing inclusion on this list, 34th St. Kush Cookies has been heavily discussed over this period and in the subsequent week. 

Tuck Shop has consistently held a spot in the top five for the past two to three weeks; their Wedding Punch secured the third spot in the top products list. 

A live resin vape cart from Carmel occupies the fourth spot, followed by a rosin-infused pre-roll in the fifth spot.

420 Top Authors

We’re showing the top 13 authors, their reviewed products, and the subreddits where they posted their reviews. 

Silverpeasunshine's posts about Kush cookies have secured the top trending spot. 

Additionally, two reviews from XCARESEAUX have earned them the second spot, while chronzz's review on Carmel’s live resin vape cart has secured the third spot.

BCCS Top Products

BCCS also shares the number one product, Rubicon’s Simply Bare Fruit Loopz. 

Additionally, two posts about Tenzo’s diamond-infused cross joint gained traction. 

A pre-roll with an infused glass tip from Tantalus Labs secured the third spot on the list. 

CBD flower from Grown Here Farms came forth, and another product from the Rubicon brand, Bridesmaid from Homestead, placed in the top five.

CCLPs Top Products

Taking a look at Canadian cannabis LP posts, the number one spot is shared with the BCCS subreddit (Simply Bare Fruit Loopz). 

We observe movement in the second and third spots, with Pure Sun Farms and RC Supply making an appearance. 

The rosin-infused pre-roll from Pharmabee that appeared 5th on the total list appears 4th on the CCLPs top list.

Woody Nelson rounds out the list in the fifth spot.

OCS Top Products

The OCS featured two products trending neck and neck: the home grow of 34th St. Kush Cookies and Tuck Shop's Wedding Punch. 

Carmel appears again in the third spot with the Animal Face live resin vape cart. 

Homestead occupies the fourth spot with Jet Fuel Gelato, and Volo secures the fifth spot.

SQDC Top Products

Fleuron’s Vanilla Haze occupies the first spot as the number one trending product at the SQDC .

GrapeGas by R’Belle occupies the second spot. Followed by a Mango K by Kokotte. Wio Orange Juice is in 4th while Galactic Runtz by Nugz brings up the fifth spot.

Post Activity by Subreddit

Looking at post activity over the 420 weekend, The OCS accounted for just under half of the total number of posts, totalling 71. Canadian cannabis LPs garnered 25% of all posts, with 38, followed closely by The BCS with just over 15%, totalling 23 posts.

Raw Data Download

Download the raw data used in this analysis here.

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