Dymond Concentrates 2.0 Purple Punchsicle

Dymond Concentrates 2.0 Purple Punchsicle

Squid Pants here with another 510 cart review.

Yeah, this’ll go great.

I really hope to have a good product to review again some time soon, but not today friends.

Not today.


So, they say this is diamond sauce, but there’s no sugariness and it just looks like common oil. It really doesn’t matter since if the experience of myself and several other people holds true, after a small number of draws it’ll be unusable.

The oil has a faint but clean and nice taste that is dead on Purple Punch. Briefly. Then it starts spraying hot blobs of oil into your mouth before the inner chamber floods completely rendering this completely unusable. If you look at that cart, the all glass design looks great, but it just doesn’t work.


I deeply regret paying $49.95 for a one gram cart from the OCS. I complained to Dymond Concentrates 2.0 directly and they claimed they would refund me. That was a lie, they were just trying to shut me up, after a very long wait I can categorically say they refunded nothing.

There is no value here, not even the producer will stand behind this.


Full on avoid this.